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Job description- Team Leader

          (You can ask us to fill your team for you)

  1. Download the “Pre-event form” from your email link.
  2. Arrange a time to visit the family before the event date
  3. Consult the family as to what jobs need to be done and in what priority
  4. Decide what can be completed on the day within a 3 hour period
  5. Identify the tools and equipment needed to carry out the work
  6. Identify any Risks or Hazards associated with the work
  7. Make a plan to dispose of any green waste
  8. Record all this information on the Job Sheet and then update the form on the web page via your email link.
  9. Report any difficulties to your N2N Liaison Officer


  1. Download the “On the Day Form”
  2. Collect the tools and equipment needed to carry out the work
  3. Meet with your team at the Briefing Centre.
  4. Ensure team members have seen a copy of the Volunteer Guidelines

  1. Introduce all members of the team to the family
  2. Make clear to the family that the team will offer up to three hours of service
  3. Emphasise to the family that the team will not be doing any professional trade work on fixtures or fittings of the house
  4. Emphasise to the family that all household rubbish will be left in their Council bins. Green waste will be removed by the team
  5. Delegate specific responsibilities to each team member
  6. Promote teamwork and a cheerful attitude
  7. Communicate regularly with the family while there
  8. Sign off on the Job Sheet, which details the jobs that have been completed and identifies any other potential jobs that are required.
  9. Ensure that the entire team leaves together after saying goodbye to the family

  1. Submit completed Job sheet to your N2N Liaison Officer.
  2. Return tools and equipment
  3. Report any incidences to your Church/Organisation leader
  4. Share stories and photos with your Church/Organisation

N2N  Organising Committee

for The Combined Churches of Townsville

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Issued – May 2012

Updated – April 2013