Our Farmers and Producers

If you are a farmer or value-added producer who would like to supply Crown O'Maine, please register with us and we will be in touch.

We work with farms large and small to help bring their products to chefs, retail stores, and buying clubs. Many of our farmers and producers also conduct retail activities of their own. Farmers‘ Markets, CSA‘s, and Farm Stands, are important activities for almost all of our farms, and for you! You can Meet the Farmers thru our on-line links below, but better yet, you can get to know many of them in person right on the farm or at farmers‘ markets around the State. It‘s a great community waiting for you when you decide to come and visit—and bring the kids!

Our role for our farmers and producers is to provide the farms (and our customers) with an efficient, cost effective distribution system to bring you what you can‘t get in your neighborhood in or out of season from other reaches in Maine. As a participant in the Maine Feeds Maine Movement, we adhere to the belief that our bounty and diversity can be enjoyed by everyone state-wide.

The Supply Web

From all parts of Maine COMOC brings products from growers and processors into our North Vassalboro warehouse.

At the warehouse customer orders are pulled and loaded onto the truck for delivery to buying clubs, stores and restaurants along one of our Delivery Routes.

Our goal is to increase both the volume and variety of products we offer. You will see the growth of our supplier network portrayed on this map over the coming months reflecting this.

Who are these farmers and producers who supply COMOC? Below is a continually growing list of the folks who supply COMOC. On it you will find links to some of their web pages to learn more about their products.