May 19, 2017        




Thought for the Day:  Have a blessed summer!                                                                                                                                                    

  1. Happy Birthday today to

  1. Any student who is taking a class over the summer and needs to keep their chromebook must pay $50 insurance payment in order to keep the chromebook.  If the payment is not made, you will need to turn in your chromebook. Also, if your chrome is in for repair, please go ahead and turn in your bag and charger.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

  1. All high school softball players need to have all uniforms turned in today or a check for $150.00 to Southside Schools.

  1.  FFA Banquet will be Friday, May 19th at 6pm in the Middle school Cafeteria.        

  1. Semester tests today-periods 2,4,6.  All tests will be taken in the morning and finished by 11:00.

  1. Southside is organizing a trip to Greece in 2018! We are very excited to be able to offer this exciting travel opportunity to our students. With the end of school year right around the corner monthly prices will be rising June 1st. Please reserve your spot to get the lowest price possible. Enrolling early helps to keep the cost of the monthly payments low and makes this trip more manageable. To enroll you only need to put down your $95 deposit with EF Educational Tours. I have included the enrollment instructions below.  To Enroll Online:  To Enroll by Phone:  Call EF Educational Tours at 800-665-5364. 5Tour Code – 1887889AZ

  1. Lunch menu today: Tony’s Pizza, Parmesan Chicken Sandwich, Pepperoni Calzone, Garden Fresh Salad Bar, Taco Bar.

Breakfast today:

Breakfast tomorrow



To be exempt from semester tests students must meet all of the following criteria in a given class:

Exemption status will be determined by semester and by class. All AP classes will take semester tests. Students can choose to take semester exams to better their grade with no penalty.

Semester tests May 18-19

Thursday, May 18- periods 1,3,5,7.  

Friday, May 19- periods 2,4,6.


Schedule is as follows:  


1st period test during 1st period, 7:55-8:50

3rd period test during 2nd period, 8:57-9:52

5th period test during 3rd period, 10:07-11:02

7th period test during 4th period, 11:09-12:00.  

Tests will be finished by 12:00.  Students must have a note from parents or called in by parents by 12:00 to be able to leave at 12:00.



2nd period during 1st period, 7:55-8:50

4th period test during 2nd period, 8:57-9:52

6th period test during 3rd period, 10:07-11:02.  

All tests will be finished by 11:02.  To be able to check out at 11:02 students must have a note from parents or have phone permission prior to 11:02.


REMINDER: If a student finishes before the class period ends the office cannot call into the room to dismiss a student early.  Students will stay in the classroom until the end of the class period.