Milton Tennis Club Annual General Meeting

Saturday, October 3, 2015


1.        Call to Order

President, Susan Kitamura, called the meeting to order @ 4:25pm with a quorum. Second by Saki Giannakopoulos.

2.        Adoption of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting

Tracy motioned to adopt the minutes of the 2014 Annual General Meeting as amended. Seconded by Saki G. Motion carried.

3.        Business Arising Out of the Minutes


4.        Treasurer’s Report

Paulina reviewed the highlights of the report:


5.        Business Arising Out of the Treasurer’s Report

        -        In item # 5 of Treasurers Report, change wording from Dave Adams to Men’s High Noon Club

Motion to adopt the Treasurer’s report by Jeff Truswell as amended.  Seconded by Saki Giannakopoulos. Motion carried.

6.        Reports of Officers or Committees

The following directors were present so were asked to discuss their reports:

President’s Report – Club will continue to implement on-line registration.  Mall drive was successful so we will continue our presence there every year.  Hopefully club will get a membership director to implement the complexities of this position.  Very happy with the pros this year.  Adam was very positive for the club, he helped fill some holes with the juniors and adults.  Hopefully Adam will return to the club next year.

VP Report – Trying to work with the town on the long term vision of the club.  This includes resurfacing and the potential for a winter bubble.  Town has become more receptive to fixing the club courts and acknowledging the faults in the grading.

Club coordinated an AED and First Aid seminar for MTC staff and Executive where available.

Question from Tracy Morgan - can we open this course to all members.  Mike will look into this.

Adults Report – Update to the houseleague format and some of the challenges in the second part of the season.  There will be changes again next season.  Ladder had another successful season, on-line booking is helping a lot.  Intercounty teams had very successful seasons with playoff berths for many of the teams.  Next year there will be a Majors team, one B team and two C teams.  Recommended next year to abandon the referral program if membership is as high as it was this year.  May need to track thru on-line system better.

Junior Report – Adding the Sunday junior program was a great benefit in the first session.  Junior Intercounty A team made the finals at the Aviva center but came up just short.

Facilities – We need new squeegies and rollers, or a rug (similar to what NTC uses).  Would be nice to have a shed to store barbecue and extras.

Motion to adopt the written reports by Tracy. Seconded by Saki Giannakopoulos. Motion carred.

7.        New Business

No new business to report.

8.        Nominations and Election of Officers

Susan thanked all Executive members for their hard work.  The 2015/2016 Nominating Committee presented the following candidates:

Past President – Susan Kitamura

President - Open

Vice-President – Anjali Pagay and Saki Giannakopoulos

Secretary – Open

Treasurer – Open

Director, Adult Programs – Dave Fairfax

Director, Facilities – Nick Holvey

Director, Social Programs – Abegail Cabio

Director, Junior Programs – Shonakshi Chaubal

Director, Memberships – Raj

Director, Public Relations – Lisa Traverse

co-Assistant Director, Junior Programs – Open

Motion to accept the nominations by Rob K, Seconded by Saki G.  Motion carried.

  1. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn the meeting came at 5:50pm by Susan Kitamura.  Seconded by Saki Giannakopoulos. Motion carried.

Milton Tennis Club                October 3, 2015

Annual General Meeting