Mileage Reimbursement

Staff members who must use their own vehicles for travel will be reimbursed at the current Federal Standard Mileage rate for travel to/from approved or assigned library related travel.  Mileage will be calculated from the employee’s normal work site or their departing location, whichever is closer to the target designation.

The mileage between points of travel should be made from the most direct practical route.


Meal Reimbursement

Staff members attending approved or assigned library related events may have their meals reimbursed under the following guidelines:

  1. The event occurs outside of a Copiah-Jefferson Regional Library facility and

occurs outside the employee’s home branch and

  1. A meal is not otherwise provided to the employee by the Director or event sponsor.

 Maximum reimbursement rates are limited to:

        Breakfast:        10.00 for one meal

        Lunch:                15.00 for one meal

        Evening:        20.00 for one meal

Meal options offered as part of any event or in association with any event may exceed maximum reimbursement rates when (pre)paid or (pre)approved by the Director. The Director is responsible for documenting the justification for exceeding any meal limit.  

Lodging Reimbursement

Requires (pre)approval by the Library Director.

Requests for Reimbursement

Reimbursement requests must be submitted by the 3rd of the calendar month immediately following the associated expense.  Dated documentation, receipts, agendas, certificates, and/or other proof of expense dates and totals are required to substantiate the reimbursement request(s).  

Training events/outlets pursued in conjunction with CJRL’s Training Plan require submission of a participation survey as part of the required documentation.  The survey form may be provided by the event sponsor, provided by CJRL, or an employee provided recap detailing skill advancements obtained from participation in the event.

Failure to submit reimbursement requests in a timely fashion or with insufficient documentation to substantiate the requests may result in a denial of the reimbursement request(s).