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Becoming Storymakers


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The Alan Levine Stuff

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We begin with improv to set the stage and create a risk free atmosphere.

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The Daily Create

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DS 106 Assignment Bank

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Thoughtful Me … (From Darren Kuropatwa)

- Think of your favourite quote (or look one up) related to teaching, learning, wisdom, [your idea goes here]

- Take a selfie.

- Add your quote (with attribution) as text on top of your picture.


  • Phonto or Quipio for mobile
  • PicMonkey for the web
  • Powerpoint or paint for desktops/laptops

- Share your create: email it to :  

The finished product

What if everyone …

- What’s on your mind: at work, at home, about school, in the news. How can we all make the world a better place? What if everyone … [finish that sentence how you see it best]

- Use paper and coloured markers to write it down: What if everyone …

- shoot a 6 second video. Start wide then zoom (with your feet) in on your message. You’ll need a partner.

- Share your create:


- Compile & add music track in iMovie. Publish directly to YouTube.