Sessions still on!

Promethean Beginner (Amanda Davis)

Getting started with Promethean ActivInspire software for instruction and learning.

Promethean Intermediate (Amanda Davis)

Want to take your use of Promethean ActivInspire software up a notch?  Come learn better classroom practices and ways to use your Promethean tools.

ClassFlow Basics

(Amanda Davis)

Come learn about Classflow, Promethean’s new free online platform for lesson delivery, student interaction and formative assessment.



Teachers as Researchers (Susan Trickett)

Classroom innovations, such as Personalized Learning, are the way of the future. But how can teachers tell whether the new things they are trying are really working? In this session, you will learn about the pitfalls of relying on just your instincts to know whether and how things are working. You will also learn how to design simple studies using research techniques and data to answer questions about your classroom practices. You may bring an idea to work on if you wish, and/or we will generate examples to explore during the session.



Slides That Don’t Suck (Gabe Demola & Paul Iwancio)

Do you want to create and deliver presentations that have impact on your audience?  Learn how to “lose the bullets”, create presentations that are different from “slideuments” and easily apply graphic design principles.  

Personalized Professional Learning (Katherine Plog-Martinez)

This session will provide an overview of what personalized professional learning can look like and simple ways you can incorporate elements into your professional learning sessions and team meetings.

Peer-to-Peer Digital Coaching

(Laura Summers)

Are you interested in learning more about peer coaching and how to participate anywhere at anytime for professional growth? Join us for a session that discusses the use of audio and video for peer observation and feedback in collaborative coaching opportunities which shifts observation towards thinking together about how to work through challenges related to teaching and learning. No experience needed. This session will include:

•Tips & Tools for Filming/Audio

•Questioning & Feedback Protocols

•Coaching & Reflection Guides



Digital Tools to Empower Literacy (Megan McQuinn & Candy McGregor)

Do you want some truly engaging, quality student projects that yield useful data? Come learn how to integrate 3-6 different digital tools with elementary through middle school students.

Classroom Mgmt. in the Dig. Classroom/Digital Citizenship Tools

(Brian Dino)

Learn quick techniques that can help classroom teachers manage student devices; also learn how schools are teaching kids to be safe and smart online. (Session resource:

Tech Depot

(Ed Tech and Library Services Teams)

Come to this fast-paced learning session where you get to choose from and rotate among 5 different technology integration stations.  Dive into areas like Google Classroom, DPS online databases, DPS eBooks, student publishing tools, and MORE!



Swivl for Beginners

(Emily Merritt)

For anyone who is new to Swivl or needs a refresher on the basics, this session will take you through the entire Swivl ecosystem and get you on track for success with capturing video. Learn how to use the Swivl App and Robot to easily capture video in the classroom, and will go over basic features of the Swivl software, allowing you to edit, annotate, and share your content.

Swivl - Beyond the Basics (Emily Merritt)

For anyone who has already been using Swivl or who attended the Swivl for Beginners session, this session will take you through some advanced features of the Swivl ecosystem and turn you into a Swivl pro! We will cover how to use the Swivl's Multi-Marker capabilities to capture student data on video, and take a look at some of the more advanced options within the Swivl software

Applications and Best Practices for Capturing Video with Swivl (Emily Merritt)

An open discussion about Swivl usage, best practices, and how to make the most effective use of video in your classroom



eBooks in DPS - OverDrive & Follett Shelf

(Caroline Hughes)

Which eBooks are available to you as a DPS teacher or student? How can you access them? How do eBooks support student learning? Please join us for the answers to these questions and an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Please bring a device to explore DPS eBooks.

DPS Makerspace Kits: Using Cubelets, Snap Circuits, and Sphero in the classroom (Meghan Pearson & Kate Adams)

Come learn about Library Services’ most popular STEM makerspace kits and get some ideas for standards-based instruction with alignment to 21st Century skills.