Coach's Corner - Issue 2

A message from the Coach

With Nathan Bush

Selecting Yourself.

As a new coach I have been able to make my own judgements of players and their ability compared to what I have heard from the locals. To me when picking a team, you need to be able to separate players through various areas of commitment. When making my judgement I make sure I focus on a few different aspects.

1. Time- The number one aspect of getting yourself in front of other players is simply applying yourself. Get yourself down to the club as much as you can and train hard. Out of the supposedly "top side players" there would only 9 maximum that actually train on several occasions a week. What this means- those players leaving themselves open to being dropped- SIMPLE.

2. Training- Practise makes perfect is a load of SH#T, Perfect practise makes perfect! Make sure you achieve something out of training, play a game, practise your weaknesses (I practised my forehand for over 6 months straight- now a strength) Also make sure you stretch yourself, play with different players and beat em!

3. Personality- Personally I think it’s refreshing when a player gives you an honest recount of their game. I really like harsh critics of themselves because it shows a fierce competitive nature that i have always been brought up with. The perfect example of personality is asking them how they went on a Saturday, if they respond with personal before the team result- that’s not a good sign. HINT- Always comment on the team situation, then you can say how you went. It’s a good habit. Personality also refers to body language, how the player reacts to being behind in the score on their rink, front runners feel the pressure and the body language is negative, team players rise to the occasion and lift the players around them by either picking up others bowls, keep vocal etc....

4. Get continued coaching- if you’re not selected or playing at the standard you would like, talk to me! Book a time and actually have a practise with me. I’m more than happy to help out and give honest feedback.

Congratulations to all players on Saturday, especially those who played at home. It showed great fight and a competitive spirit to give RSL a good push for their money. Also to those who challenged their opposition when showing disrespect to the personnel presented in a practise game- Well done, that the impression we want to give!

Coach Out

Nathan Bush