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Maximilian Boss realizes projects ranging from sound design, video art and music production to apparel, interior design and furniture production. As the artist duo Easter he is active in the realms of pop culture, performance and visual art.

Fluma Studio

Projekt: Kernsanierung Altbau-Wohnung / Studio (53qm, Berlin), begrenztes Budget, einheitliche Installation des wandbündigen Schalterprogramms “Jung LS Zero”, Stuckrestaurierung, mit speziell angefertigten Möbeln
Planung & Einrichtung: Maximilian Boss

Project Portfolio (PDF) 2.28mb
Drawings (PDF) 801kb



[2017] Soundtrack for Ida Lennartsson’s video installation Offal [HD Stereo, 16:9, 11:38 min.]

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[2017] Furniture, combining a brushed stainless steel frame, soft closing trays from white oiled solid oak and patinated nero assoluto top. Proportions and silhouette are corresponding with classic italian style range cookers.

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Easter is the name under which artist duo Stine Omar and Max Boss explore the realm of pop culture and its wider periphery, including performance and video art. They have released several albums and performed in concert venues and art institutions around the globe. In 2015 they held a solo exhibition at Koal Gallery, Leipziger Str., Berlin in which they premiered their full length video series “Sadness is an Evil Gas Inside of Me” featuring Easter, Lars Eidinger and Britta Thie.
In 2018 they played at Schirn Kunsthalle, Ballhaus Berlin & Kammerspiele Munich. In early 2019 they gave one of their rare performances at Lafayette Anticipations, Paris.

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Cyan Kid

2009-2013, series of 8 albums of pop music studies covering a variety of genres. The project concluded in 2013 with the simultaneous release of four albums, of which “Free” was awarded among the years best albums by critic Adam Harper.

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Ongoing playlist featuring new releases from Ambient to Pop, selected by Max Boss

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