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Droid 2 Global  (a956)

 latest?, software version 2.3.4/ 4.5.629 aka 1FF-p3_droid2we_cdma_droid2we-user-2.3.4-4.5.1_57_D2GA-59-120117-test-keys-signed-Verizon-US.sbf

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My Files

Google Drive         Dev-Host         Mega         Android File Host        DropBox

if you use this link to sign up with DropBox, We will get another 500mb

info        2.2/2.4.29, 2.2/2.4.33, 2.3.3/4.5.606, 2.3.3/4.5.607, 2.3.3/4.5.608, 2.3.4/4.5.629

SBF        2.2/2.4.29, 2.2/2.4.33,        NA       ,        NA        ,             2.3.3/4.5.608, 2.3.4/4.5.629  NA      2.2/2.4.33, 2.3.3/4.5.606, 2.3.3/4.5.607, 2.3.3/4.5.608, 2.3.4/4.5.629

Ver. System:                                        4.5.629.A956.Verizon.en.US

Baseband:                                         N_01.82.00R

Kernel:                                         mcbk83@il93lnxdroid08 #1

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General Android/Motorola

Websites/ Forums

Concepts & Vocabulary

Verify that your download is complete with MD5/SHA-1 Hash Checksums   

[How To] Use ADB/fastboot  

backing up contacts/ contacts not syncing

APN Settings


Low Battery Options/ TBH Factory Adaptor

Motorola Drivers Installing and Troubleshooting

What does SBF mean?

Activation / no dial pad

Can’t text, sync, or download anything from the play store

General D2G

Full phone specifications

Stock Rom

        Droid 2 global SBFs

ezSBF & Root 2.3.4/ 4.5.629

        How to Use RSD Lite  on D2G a956 to flash a .sbf (Stock Rom)

        Bootlooping after flashing .SBF

        MEM-MAP Blank error (if you see this you flashed an incompatible .sbf)

GSM/ Sim Unlock/ Band Unlocking

        GSM Build Prop Edits fix what motorola/verizon broke

        Band unlock Droid 2 Global


Before rooting

ROOT] Framaroot, a one-click .APK to root [Video] “Super Easy Droid X, Droid 2 Rooting app”




Hardware Repair


General Info

want to reboot fast? reboot with: (hold) alt-shift-delete

Motorola DROID 2 Global - Full phone specifications - GSM Arena

Motorola DROID 2 Global specs - Phone Arena

Spare Battery Charger for Motorola Droid 2

Safe Mode - DROID2 Global by Motorola

USB Debugging Mode - DROID 2 Global by Motorola

Hard Reset - DROID 2 Global by Motorola - Verizon Wireless Support

Bootloader and recovery

DF      [INFO]                FAQ Thread

XDA           [INFO]                [COLLECTION] D2G SBF/ROOT/RSD/ROM Download & Guide Links

DF      [GUIDE]        Droid 2 Global ROOT, CUSTOM RECOVERY & SIM UNLOCK Tutorial

DF             [GUIDE]        Bootloop Help Tutorial

Moto        [INFO]       2 Global page

Moto        [INFO]                DROID 2 Global by Motorola, A956 developer page

[Video]         How to enter Android stock recovery on the Droid 2-Tomsgt123

[How To] Prepare to  Root & Rom D2/D2G/R2D2/DX

[Video]        How to install a custom rom CM7 on the Droid 2-by Tomsgt123

Uses for your old D2  from this thread

1. Wi-Fi phone - With Talkatone (free) and a Google Voice number, you can send/receive texts and make phone calls using wifi.      Video  Android wifi phone from RootJunky

2. Security cam (or baby monitor) - With IPwebcam (free) you can turn your X into a security cam. You can view it remotely in a web browser, or on your primary smartphone with IP cam viewer lite or tiny cam monitor (both free)

XDA          [INFO]        H is HSPA, High Speed Packet Access.

RW     [GUIDE]        Modified Droid 2/X Bootstrapper (updated to cwm 5.0)

RW     [GUIDE]        HijackedBootMenu 1.1.5 621 1.1 scroll down to Droid X Add-On's

VZW          [INFO]        Safe Mode - Motorola DROID 2 (A955)

                        Hard reset

                        Replacement Micro USB Charging Port

Why did phone’s 3g icon changed to a H with an up and down arrow.?

Originally Posted by Gasai Yuno

H is HSPA, High Speed Packet Access. It's often called 3.5G due to higher speeds compared to UMTS.

…For a CDMA user, HSPA is virtually “4G”.


SBF recovery,  RSD Lite and updates

1KDS        [SBF]                ezSBF/ RSD lite/ SBFs/ moto drivers by 1KDS  alt site

SDD          [SBF]                Droid SBF files

Google Drive                How to use  RSD Lite

DW     [INFO]                Droid Wiki: SBF, Recovery, CWM info

DF      [SBF]                [TOOL] ezSBF D2G for 2.4.29, 2.4.33, & 4.5.608 only

ezSBF & Root 2.3.4/ 4.5.629  Magic MD5 Method XDA  DF  RW PD

XDA           [INFO]                error Droid 2 Global A956 MEM-MAP Blank error

XDA           [INFO]                Help: the D2G upgrade 629OTA want to downgrade to fail (mbmloader)

Google Drive                How to save/stop


SIM-unlocking and Band unlocking  $15.00 email imei after payment €4.99 EUR or $6.70 USD

e-bay Motorola Unlock Code ,Droid Global 2 A956 Approximately US $3.90

GD        [INFO]                SIM-unlocked

GD        [INFO]                Band unlock Droid 2 Global with 608 or 629

MF        [File]      

XDA           [INFO]                original Radiocomm band unlock hack (use with care)

XDA           [INFO]                SigmaKey dongle 

Google Drive                GSM Build Prop Edits



Before Rooting you should

1. Download SBF files (a or b )

a. all-in-one ezSBF

b. files from How To Flash a SBF/ stock rom Using  RSD Lite

2  buy  (a or b)

        a. Spare Battery Charger for Motorola Droid 2      

        b. Motorola Programing Adaptor by Team Black Hat    Make your own

ROOT] Framaroot, a one-click .APK to root

 [Video] “Super Easy Droid X, Droid 2 Rooting app”

 works with these Motorola devices running android 2.3.4

Droid 2 (a955), Droid 2 Global (a956), R2D2 (a957), & Droid X (MB810)

Just download, allow unknown sources, install, open, select top root method (Gimli), reboot phone, done

no pc needed

GD        [INFO]                ezSBF & Root 2.3.4/ 4.5.629  Magic MD5 Method

GD        [INFO]                [HOW TO] Install/Use Droid 2/X/3 Bootstrap

XDA           [INFO]                Droid 2 Bootstrap Recovery  CWM 2.0.0.x to 5.0.0.x

DF        [GUIDE]        Battery life via underclock

RW     [GUIDE]        Conservative, Interactive, InteractiveX, and Smartass V2 CPU Governors

[APP]                SetCPU

[APP]                QuickClock

RW     [APP]                Milestone Overclock

DF        [INFO]                GB 4.5.606 bloat



Before you  install a custom rom

1. Root  [ROOT] Framaroot, a one-click .APK to root

2. Install/Use Droid modified X or 3 Bootstrap

3. backup user data

        a. backup apps with titanium backup, or rom toolbox

b. backup texts and call log with sms backup +

c. verify that contacts are backed up/ synced

d. Make a Nandroid Backup

After Installing a rom

don't install bootstrap on custom roms, they come with a hijack

to boot to cwm long press power button>reboot>Recovery>ok

you can install a Hijacked_Bootmenu so that you can enter cwm, before every boot, just press volume down button after you see blue light>+Recovery -->cwm recovery

just flash the like a rom don't need to wipe, note: there are cm7.cm9 and stock versions

XDA          [INFO]        No keypad during activation work around  (dial *228+)

RW     [ROM]                Droid 2 Global Development

CM7 (gingerbread) 2.3.7

RW     [ROM]                Pooka-CM4D2G-GB-20120519 and Pooka-CM4D2G-GB-20120516r (7.1 Gapps)

Ics 4.0

LiquiKang - , AOKP-Kanged? - , CMKang - , GummyKang - MiKangyUI v4 - by Dubbsy

mirrors (miui)                                                             

Dubbsy’s Buttonlight-Killer script:                <-set at boot in your choice of scriptmanager(romtoolboxlite has one built in) to disable the keyboard and buttonlight backlights.

RW     [ROM]      

RW     [ROM]                LiquidICS v1.62 [unofficial port] - 06/19/13 by roeblatt3

Galnet MIUI ICS (2.2.10, 1% Batt, No Charge Led,Vol+,)-BeansTown106  13 February 2012

mirrors 125.2 MB!0IxWxCSa!JJSy3_pUyjGt3dF-OjmjwUdjC4c57HnHXxmpOj1tY9w

RW     [INFO]                Gsm Data Status For Various Roms

RW     [INFO]                using GMS on ICS roms

RW     [ROM]                x13thangelx cm7 tweaks

CW        [ROM]                CyanogenMod Gaaps

XDA        [ROM]                Droid 2 Global Android Development

DF      [ROM]                Steel Droid - 98.32 MB - Custom ICS (for 2.4.330?)


Official Cm7

Requires phone be on Froyo 2.4.330


Dev-Host                D2G.a956.4.5.629.stock.nandroid

repairs & errors

DF      [INFO]                damaged flash memory.

XDA           [INFO]                error has stopped

RU        [GUIDE]        Motorola Droid 2 A955 Repair Guide


Bootloader and recovery

as posted @ Droid Wiki: SBF, Recovery, CWM info

How to enter Android system recovery (see image)

  • Power down the phone.
  • Slide out the keyboard.
  • Press and hold the X button on the physical keyboard.
  • Press the power button.
  • Once you see a warning sign with an android robot appear, press the Search button on your physical keyboard if you're running froyo/2.4.x firmware. For gingerbread/4.5.x firmware, press Volume Up and Down buttons.

How to Enter  Bootloader:  (used to flash .sbf recovery images)

  • Power down the phone.
  • Slide the keyboard out.
  • Press and hold the up arrow (↑) key.
  • Press the lock/power button.
  • Once the SBF loader screen pops up, release the up arrow key.

How to use RSD Lite    


How To Use RSD Lite

How to videos

YouTube  Flashing SBF w/rsd lite on D2, D2G & R2D2

YouTube  How to SBF the Droid 2 using rsd lite -by Tomsgt123

Have a Question? Ask Here

1. download and install   RSD Lite 5.7 , or newer RSD Lite mirrors

2. download your recovery firmware image (.sbf)  Droid 2 global SBFs

D2G 2.3.4/4.5.629 sbf is 1FF-p3_droid2we_cdma_droid2we-user-2.3.4-4.5.1_57_D2GA-59-120117-test-keys-signed-Verizon-US.sbf

if ends in .gz, .7z,or .rar uncompress with a file-compression utility like 7 Zip

if it ends in .zip rsd lite can uncompress it for you

3. install Motorola_End_User_Driver_Installation_5.9.0 or better Motorola Drivers

open rsd Lite

select your recovery firmware click on “...” (top middle,   see pics below...)

if using a non verizon sim card,  I suggest removing it

boot moto device to bootloader mode

connect to pc via usb

errors/ troubleshooting

usb data cable (original motorola prefered)

usb port, rear ports are normally better than front

if rsd lite/ pc  can not see your device read Driver errors

(optional) to view Device Properties, click on S Flash, under Model column

select Start

Wiping Data:

before (or after) flashing sbf, wiping data in android recovery is recommended

if you choose not to wipe data, at least wipe cache, if phone bootloops you have no choice, but to wipe data

Bootlooping after flashing .SBF

if phone starts bootlooping, and you can not get to recovery try

pull battery,

press and hold R,

reinsert battery, if it does not start to boot, press power,

when you see !, triangle, and Andy, release R,

then press both volume buttons to continue to android recovery

select wipe data, confirm if asked, wait for it to finish, select reboot

Notice: if you disconnect phone from pc, before phone has finished rebooting, and then try to close rsd lite, you may get a warning from rsd lite, about damaging your device

don’t worry about it phone will be fine, as long as flashing is done.


if phone reboots to activation screen, touch android to activate

Skipping  Activation:

or if you do not wish to activate with verizon, use four corners activation skip

[Video] How to bypass activation on the Droid 2 -Tomsgt123

also if phone does not boot to activation screen, it may be necessary to dial *228+  to reconnect to verizon

DF       [INFO]                can not activate phone/ no dial pad on *228/

XDA          [INFO]        No keypad during activation work around  (dial *228+)

Dial *22891 to update the PRL or *22899 to program the phone and update the PRL both

if rsd Lite is not working correctly try running as administrator, and/or disabling virus protection

Driver Errors

try Installing

install moto drivers Motorola_End_User_Driver_Installation_5.9.0 or better


Moto        [TOOL]        MOTOROLA DEVICE (Drivers) MANAGER

Quote: from

Note: Under certain circumstances (especially when using Windows Vista and Windows 7) there might be a problem with not all device drivers being installed correctly. In such case, the flashing process will abort, and your phone won't be able to boot normally. RSDLite shows the following error message:

Error switching phone to BP Pass through mode

To get around this issue, once you get a Device driver could not be installed message from Windows, don't close RSDLite nor power off the phone. Start Motorola Driver Installer once again, and let it finish. Then if RSDLite didn't timeout yet, head to Device Manager, find the Unknown device, and in its properties' Driver tab click Update driver…. It should now install normally. If RSDLite timed out and you got an error from it, just repeat the SBF process. The driver should now be present, and the flashing process will finish normally.

open Windows Device Manager

Motorola device should look something like this

if you see a yellow triangle like this, driver is missing.

Once you get a Device driver could not be installed message from Windows, ...Start Motorola Driver Installer once again, and let it finish. Then ... head to Device Manager, find the Unknown device, and in its properties' Driver tab click Update driver…. It should now install normally.

may need to reboot pc-from

if that does not work

download this file

Moto Drivers Drivers win 7 64bit.rar

unzip, and copy to  C:\Program Files\Common Files\Motorola Shared\Mobile Drivers\Drivers

also see

YouTube                 Device Drivers Install-Tomsgt123                USBDeview   for troubleshooting faulty USB device drivers


Droid 2 Global SBFs

SBF Download options


ezSBF iso image files -DevHost    see How to use an iso file


if the compressed file md5 checksum matches then it should be fine

but the uncompressed 1FF-p3_droid2we_cdma_droid2we-user-2.3.4-4.5.1_57_D2GA-59-120117-test-keys-signed-Verizon-US.sbf

md5 checksum should be B8B371364A034CFC20BEF4660E1A0D1D

sbf file names


254.1 MiB        B6730ECC9B4A7790C079DD1F80160649        Verizon US        VRZ_A956_2.4.33_1FF_01.sbf.gz


2.3.3        system version 4.5.608

180.0 MiB        77185076B8EF7C962534B6223AD4BA1E        Verizon US

2.3.4         system version 4.5.629

589 MiB         uncompressed 1FF-p3_droid2we_cdma_droid2we-user-2.3.4-4.5.1_57_D2GA-59-120117-test-keys-signed-Verizon-US.sbf

md5 checksum should be B8B371364A034CFC20BEF4660E1A0D1D

120 KiB        92D5D16B500D449795B07168DEFD3E8D        Bootloader Only


Low Battery  Options

1. MacGyver Method (not recommended)

xda-developers        [Howto] Fix "Battery Low - Cannot program use with care, you can fry your battery and/or phone

better options

2. Motorola "Factory Programming / Fastboot Cable”

So you flashed your phone and now it thinks the battery is dead (even though it's not) and it won't let you flash it again to fix it?  Or, your battery really is dead and you don't have a way to charge it because your phone is soft-bricked and won't charge the battery.  What do you do? With this cable you don't even need a battery in your phone.  

YouTube Team Black Hat Factory Cable Adaptor for Motorola Devices!-by DroidModd3rX 



a. $10 Motorola Factory Cable Adaptor by Team Black Hat

b.   Fastboot Motorola Factory Cable-ebay

Make (not recommended)

a.  How to make your own Motorola "Factory Cable" 

b.  How/why to make your own Motorola "Factory Cable"     


3.  Spare Battery Charger

Spare Battery charger-ebay

Spare battery Charger -  Amazon

Motorola Droid 2 (A955), Global (A956), R2-D2 (A957)






173.0 MiB


Verizon US


173.7 MiB


Verizon US


211.0 MiB


Verizon US


211.1 MiB


Verizon US


180.4 MiB


Verizon US


119 KiB


Bootloader Only

120 KiB


Bootloader Only

243.6 MiB


Verizon US


254.1 MiB


Verizon US


180.0 MiB


Verizon US

290.0 MiB


Verizon US


We have 1.87 GiB of firmwares for Motorola Droid 2.

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