On May 27, 2016, PAVT held a Hair Donation Drive.

Seven students had a minimum of 8 inches cut from their hair so it could be donated to

Children With Hair Loss (CWHL).  CWHL provides wigs, free or charge, to children with any medical-related type of hair loss.

The following PAVT students that made the selfless act to donate their hair and empower a young child who is suffering from hair loss.

Victoria West - Freshman

Joeimi Torres - Sophomore

Miranda Nunez - Sophomore

Maria Perticorena - Sophomore

Angeline Rodriguez - Junior

Melissa Vargas - Senior

Joshua Reyes - Sophomore

The hair cuts were performed by Ms. Darlene Wolansky, Cosmetology teacher at the MCVTS East Brunswick Campus.  The Hair Donation Drive was organized by Ms. Gina DiVincenzo, Spanish teacher at PAVT.

F:\Hair Pics\IMG_0145.jpg


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