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Productivity Resources

Productivity Badge Checklists:

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Introduction to OneNote Course

10 Best Uses for OneNote in your Teaching and Learning

Top 6 Tips: How to Use OneNote in the Classroom

Top 10 OneNote FAQs

Google Keep

Using Google Keep to Research

Google Keep gets even more useful with a Chrome extension and new goodies by Kevin Parrish with Digital Trends

New! Google Keep Tutorial by Teachers Tech

How Docs & Keep can be used together from techycoachy

Step by Step, Using it in Docs from +Jeremy Badiner

Pull Text From jpg’s or pdf’s Into An Editable Format, Using The OCR Feature In Google Keep (OCR: Optical Character Recognition)

Using Google Keep for Grading Comments in Docs from Eric Curts

How to use Google Keep

Done by a student

Stay on task with today’s updates in Google Keep

5 awesome Google Keep features you aren't using, but should be

Create Location-based Reminders in Google Keep Notes from Richard Byrne

10 Things Students Can Do With Google Keep - Best of 2015-16 School Year from Richard Byrne

Google Keep- Love at First Sight - has ideas of how to use them class.

Help Students Take Notes While Watching Videos

How to Create Bookmarks & Reminders in Google Keep

Staying Organized with Google Keep

Three Tools That Help Students Take Notes While Watching Videos from Richard Byrne

You’ll love watching lectures on YouTube with this Chrome extension from

How to manage your Chrome extensions

How to Manage Your Extensions

Google Sheets

How to Sort Your Google Sheet & how to freeze column titles

How to "Split Names" in a Google Sheet to separate first & last names

Google Sheets Resources

Pixel Art Activities for any Subject with Google Sheets

5 Great Google Sheets Add-ons for Teachers

A quick list from +Richard Byrne with how-to videos for each

Google spreadsheets function list

Create G Suite Templates with This Mind-Blowing Hack


How To Create Gmail Filters

Share a Gmail Group


Create a quick form for students to fill in if they don't do their homework on time, aren't behaving, etc.

FormMule Demonstration for Teachers by Tom Horn

FormMule Setup for Teachers by Tom Horn

Google Docs

Giving Feedback In GDocs

Creating a Table of Contents in a Google Doc

Columns and Tables

How to make recipients copy a Google Document before opening it
(to avoid them making changes to your original)

How Docs & Keep can be used together from techycoachy

Step by Step, Using it in Docs from +Jeremy Badiner

4 Fantastic Rubric Tools for Google Docs from Eric Curts

4 Ways to Play Videos in Google Docs

Interactive Checklists in Google Docs from Eric Curts

Enter CheckMark - Google Docs feedback

Hide Your Links Until You’re Ready For Students to See Them

Google Documents Resources

12 Excellent Add-ons for Google Docs

Version History in Google Docs - How It Can Help With Writing

5 Emoji Activities for Google Docs

Google Docs now has a “Column” feature! Click on Format (across the top), then choose Columns.

Google Document URL Tricks

Safely Show/Share YouTube videos



Viewpure How-To Video

Using to create safe links from YouTube links

Clean Up YouTube With ViewPure

SafeShare.TV + QR Code Smash!

Edgaged: Safeshare.TV

PC Magnifying Feature

Use Zoom on your PC for Teaching by Amy Mayer

Extensity, a Chrome extension

Extensity: The Essential Chrome App by Vicki Davis

Extensity: The Essential Chrome Extension Everyone Needs by Vicki Davis

Sparkline Tool for Google Sheets

Using the Sparkline Formula in Google Sheets to Show Student Success

Everything You Ever  Wanted to Know about Sparklines in Google Sheets

Tips for the Chrome Browser

How to Annotate Images on a Chromebook

Synergyse - 10 Chrome Tips To Increase Productivity

10 Excellent Extensions for Chrome

The Extensis Fonts Add-On

The Extensis Fonts Add-On For Google Docs

My Top 10 Favorite Fonts in Google Drive

The Extensis Fonts Add-On

Google Calendar

Google Calendar Appointment Slots

5 Things New Google Calendar Users Should Know How To Do

Removing a Calendar in Google

Google Calendar Appointment Slots

Find Your Hidden Google Calendars

How to See a List of Your Calendar Items:
Simply click the Agenda button in the upper right, when you’re in your Google Calendar.

Google Team Drives

How To Transition to Google Team Drives

Calm iOS app

Article from ADDitude Magazine

Calm Website

Calm Help Center

General Productivity Resources