"Whatever you lose can be found again. Whatever you throw away, you can never get back."

Age: 70s - 80s???

Allies: Other inhabitants of Rakuninmura.

Enemies: Anyone who disturbs the inhabitants of Rakuninmura.

First appearance: Revenge Arc

Biography: Oibore was the head of a low level samurai family that worked for the Shogunate and the father of two children. His wife died giving birth to his son. Oibore was broken over the death of his wife and left it up to his daughter to raise his son. A few years down the road and Oibore's children turned their backs on him and left home. Grieved by the loss of his family, Oibore tossed away his life and became an outcast.

One day after returning from a round of begging, Oibore stumbles on a red-headed swordsman sitting against a shack in Rakuninmura, covered in dirt and open wounds. Oibore takes a liking to the swordsman and attempts to help him.

Personality Profile: Nutty, but very kind and cheerful.

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