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Tools for social media and marketing

In recent years, there has been an explosion of online tools and technologies for managing your social media and marketing. Most tools cost money, some tools are free.

Here’s a list of the best and free tools for managing your social media and digital marketing.

Social Media Tools

Hootsuite -  A social media client that organises and schedules messages for Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks.

Hootlet – From Hootsuite, this extension for internet browsers (e.g. Google Chrome) easily captures webpages and articles and schedules links as social media messages.

Buffer – A tool similar to Hootlet.

Feedly – An online reading tool that collects articles from your favorite websites and post on social networks  A quick way to stay updated on news and articles in your community, network or sector.

Pocket - Similar to Feedly.

Bitly – A tool for shortening URL addresses to add to social media message.

Topsy – A tool for searching social media networks for keywords or #hashtags.

Sprout Social - A tool for managing multiple social media accounts.

Analytical Tools

Google Analytics - The best option for measuring statistics on your organisation’s website

Nuzzel – A news reader that finds top articles / posts in social media networks.

JustUnfollow – An phone app with statistics on the number of social media followers.

Crowdfire – A statistics and analytics tool for measuring social media activity and followers.

Twrtland – A more advanced analytics tool for measuring social media activity.

Trends24 – A up-to-date website for trending statistics by country.

Design & Visual Tools

Compfight – A search tool for finding free images from Flickr.

Unsplash - Free high-resolution photos that can be used in social media or websites.

Adobe Voice – An app for creating high-quality animations with text and voiceover features.

Doodle – An appointment scheduling tool useful for arranging phone interviews or focus groups with individuals or group of people.          

Prezi - An exciting presentation tool that can be easily accessed from remote locations or downloaded to your computer or website. It also allows YouTube videos to easily added to your presentation.

Google Presentations - Similar to Microsoft Powerpoint, this is an online presentation software has a number of rich templates and styles. Also it makes collaborating on presentation with a staff team very easy and accessible.

Slide Carousel - If you’re looking for some modern, creative themes for Google Presentations try visiting this excellent website.

Google Draw - This is an excellent online tool for creating simple images, diagrams or illustrations.

Infogram – An easy-to-use online tool for creating beautiful graphs and visuals for quantitative data, figures and tables.

Coggle – A mind mapping tool useful for audience segmentation; organize profiles, ideas, attitudes and behaviors about target audiences.

Short of the Week - A regularly updated website featuring new short films that can provide creative inspiration

Research Tools

Google Sheets – Similar to Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, this online spreadsheet software is designed for working and sharing with collaborators.

Google Forms – this free online survey software connects with a suite of other Google software, like Gmail and Google Calendar. This is a cost-effective, but power tool for creating online survey.

Survey Monkey – Many organisations will be familiar with this flagship online survey tool, which include a free version with basic templates and paid membership with extra features.

SogoSurvey – A professional online survey tool that includes advanced features for managing surveys for large groups, visual charts for report building and a tools for statistical analysis.

Evernote – A solutions for easily recording and organizing a library of online articles, websites and reports in your research.

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