Español II CP 2013-2014

Profe Donahue:

Course Overview:

Spanish II will continue to strengthen the student’s Spanish skills through practicing grammar, speaking, reading, writing, and exploring Spanish and Latin American culture.  The course will use the book ¡Exprésate! Spanish 2.

Las Expectativas de la clase:                En Inglés:

  1. Sé respetuoso todo el tiempo.                  ___________________________
  2. Prepárate para la clase.                          ___________________________
  3. Usa palabras positivas y apropiadas.     ___________________________
  4. Mantén una clase organizada y limpia.   ___________________________
  5. Habla en español durante la clase.         ___________________________

Mis Metas: (my goals)


Grading is based on:


You are expected to study for quizzes and tests. You are encouraged to come every day for extra help for further review. There are no makeup tests or quizzes; the grade you get is the grade you keep. If you do not do well on a quiz or a test, you should come for extra help. Students who get below 70% are required to come for extra help if they want improve their grade.

Projects are counted as exams. Typically you will have one or each per quarter. They require a lot of time and effort both inside and outside the classroom.

Homework Policy:

Homework is an important part of the learning process and your final grade. Homework will be assigned on a regular basis and checked and reviewed at the beginning of each class.  Late homework will be accepted for partial credit but no later than two days after the original due date. Homework assignments can be downloaded directly from the class website. All homework assignments will be posted on the website and will be announced in class.


Participation is expected during every class.  Spanish is expected to be spoken 100% of the time. All the students need to actively participate.  Make the effort!  Class work is also included in your participation grade. You get points for answering in Spanish even if the answer is incorrect. Use of English subtracts from your participation grade. No Spanish spoken, means that you remain at the same grade. Everyone starts each quarter with a 70/100 participation grade, use of Spanish adds one point, English subtracts 1 point, silence adds 0. At the end of the quarter, your grade is the final number. You can come ask Profe Donahue your current participation grade any time after class or during extra help.


If you are absent, you are responsible for making up any missed work.  Some assignments will be online, but missed tests or quizzes need to be made up during extra help after school. You have the amount of time you were absent plus one day to make up missed work unless other arrangements have been discussed and approved. Talk to the teacher and make arrangements to make up work as soon as you return. All homework is posted on the website and all materials can be acquired from the webpage.

Required Daily Materials:

Extra Help:

Students are encouraged to ask questions and come for extra help. You can contact Profe Donahue by email with your questions. Please understand that any emails may not be answered immediately, so plan accordingly.

Technical Difficulties:

Many times your homework may be online, but you cannot use technology as an excuse for missing homework!   ➪ In the event of a power outage, students must write an equivalent assignment by hand to ensure credit.

 ➪ If something is not working correctly, the student should try to troubleshoot first.  If the problem persists, contact the teacher asap (i.e. via email).  Simply not doing the assignment, especially when the issue could have been resolved earlier, may result in the assignment being counted as late.

Academic Honesty:

All work turned in for this class should be done by you alone. While you may receive help from acquaintances with words or short phrases, copying texts from other sources and claiming the words or ideas as your own, or using electronic translators to convert your work into Spanish are considered cheating. Anyone engaging in such activities will receive a 0 for the work in question and will be reported to the vice principal for disciplinary action. You may use a dictionary or ,when appropriate.

Websites and electronic resources:

Profe Donahue

Website: Click on Español II CP

Textbook website :

Exprésate username: __________________________

Exprésate password: __________________________

Online dictionary website:

Please sign and return:

Student Name:__________________________________        Period:________

My parents/guardian and I _________________ (your name) have read the expectations for Spanish II CP including the academic honesty policy and I agree to follow them.

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Español II CP 2013-2014