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Artificial Retirement


August 1 9th - September 11th, 2016

Gallery Hours: Thursday - Sunday

1pm—6pm or by appointment





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Artificial Retirement addresses the question, What is failure in this technologically aided era? The show presents artworks and performances by artists working with ideas of ‘Failure, Imperfection, and Destruction.’ We live in a time in which electronic devices successfully execute our orders offering more convenient and improved lifestyles. It is almost impossible to detach from this digitally-driven world. Is this because we feel safer, healthier, and happier than ever before? Or is it simply that we have become so dependent on these devices that we no longer question their efficacy?


What differentiates humans from machines is that we act autonomously. In the digital world though, autonomous acts can be found within errors, when the machines are malfunctioning, not working as they are expected, as they are needed. The participating artists respond to these failures through art and research, poetically and philosophically.


Artificial Retirement is one of Flux Factory’s 2016 major exhibitions and is curated by Jung In Jung and Joelle Fleurantin.

Participating Artists: Alessio Chierico, Sarah Dahlinger, Tal Danino, Fan Letters (Alex Nathanson & Dylan Neely), Sarah Groff-Palermo, Zoey Hart, Sam Lavigne, Rebecca Lieberman, Amelia Marzec and Robert Mayson, Anne Murray and Virginia Mallon, Openfield, Niki Passath, Byron Rich and Heather Brand, Kat Sullivan, Sergio Mora-Diaz, and Caitlin Sikora.


August 19, 6-9pm: Opening Reception begins at 6pm, performances start at 7pm. Performances by Byron Rich and Heather Brand, Niki Passath, and Fan Letters.

August 28, 2-6pm: ‘In Honor of Imperfection’ workshop with Zoey Hart.


September 4, 2pm-3pm: ‘Blind Ambition’ workshop with Anne Murray and Virginia Mallon.


September 8, 6pm: Flux Thursday with presentations by Artificial Retirement participating artists.


September 11, 6pm: Closing Performances by Amelia Marzec and Robert Mayson, Openfield, Kat Sullivan, Sergio Mora-Diaz and Caitlin Sikora.