Tech Tool/Purpose for Learning

What tool have you chosen? What are the learning goals? Why have you chosen this tool for the job?

Background Info

I.e. Have you had experience working with this tool? Have your students? Anything else we should know?

Strategies for Roll-out

What are you going to do to ensure success for this lesson/unit? What happens if the plan de-rails?

Skitch - get students to give peer to peer feedback on each other’s photos.

No. NO for students too.

NO idea. My head is swimming right now.

Twitter-connect students in a middle school classroom with a debator/public speaker to learn from an expert

Students used it more readily and frequently than I did

Students are working on developing persuasive skills, the worst that can happen is that they may not connect during class time. They can still connect when they have a wi-fi to get their queries answered