CTDS Meeting Minutes: 2/6/2017

In Attendance: Derek Brown (President), George Young (Vice President), Wendy Carson (Treasurer), Margaret Granbery (Secretary), Suzanne, Beth

Treasurer’s Report: Both January dances made money. The Board voted to split the CD that matures in March into two CDs so that maturation is staggered.

2017 CTDS Election Results: Derek Brown was re-elected President. George Young was re-elected Vice President. Wendy Carson was elected Treasurer to replace Betsy Flory and Sharon Westlake. Margaret Granbery was re-elected Secretary.

Bank setup for new Board members: The Board agreed to choose a branch of the bank with Saturday hours so that each Board member could go in person to sign the papers allowing new Board members on the bank accounts. Derek agreed to choose the specific branch and to get the paperwork started.

February 11, 2017 Dance: Girl Time and the Do-right Daddies will play. Matt Hawkins will call. George will run sound, and Margaret will confirm that Heather and/or Stephen will host. The Board agreed to a Valentine’s theme and will encourage dancers to wear red or pink and to bring a themed snack to share. Margaret and Wendy will bring decorations. The Board agreed to start doing swing clinics during the dance break to promote better and safer dancing. Derek will contact Steve to ask the caller to run the clinic.

February 25, 2017 Dance: Crosstown Traffic will play. Clinton Ross will call. Derek will run sound, and Margaret will confirm that Heather and Stephen will host. The Board agreed to a Mardi Gras theme. Suzanne will get decorations.

The Board agreed to add that contra dances are an alcohol-free event to all promotional materials.

Spring Schedule:

Thank you to Jim Crawford for the videos - Margaret will buy a card for dancers to sign on Saturday.

Publicity: Suzanne put ads in the usual publications. The Meetup group already has more than 30 members.

CDSS Organizers Weekend: Suzanne gave a report of her time in Atlanta at the CDSS organizers weekend. Suzanne encouraged us to use CDSS as a resource for improving the dances.

Based on Suzanne’s time in Atlanta and suggestions from other dancers, the Board discussed some ideas that could be implemented quickly and easily:

Suzanne agreed to work on 1st timer passes and punch cards. Derek will bring his laptop for email list sign ups. Margaret will look at updating the website with more complete information about etiquette and safety for new dancers.

The Board also discussed starting a process of setting a vision and mission statement based on community feedback that would inform more long-range goals and improvements. Once the vision is drafted, the Board would open it up to the dance community for more feedback and move forward implementing long-range changes.

Derek agreed to schedule and host a work day in the near future to continue to get thing accomplished, so that action items discussed in Board meetings do not fall through the cracks.

The next CTDS Board meeting will be Monday, March 6 at 6 pm at Yellow Deli (737 McCallie Ave, Chattanooga, TN 37403).