Bill Burgess

Artist, Sculptor, Painter

Artist Statement

 Henry Moore said, " A sculptor is someone who is interested in the shape of things". In the tactical sense, the qualities of warmth, smoothness, color, and solidity - to name a few-  also make an immeasurable contribution to the whole. I am attracted to these qualities wherever they are are found, in art and in industrial-commercial objects. I find the juncture between these surfaces  to be most captivating; when one surface meets another or where the surface is broken by it's fasteners.  The juxtaposition found between, say,  the rivet and skin of the airliner or as found in the Stabile works by Alexander Calder are most pleasing to me.

Allowing the materials to partially determine the structure of a particular sculpture is a satisfying part of the overall process, for me. Deciding first upon a relationship of the media desired, I prefer to choose common things with intrinsic beauty. In combining materials that are recognizable, simple, and elegant,  something unexpected and exquisite emerges. Working from simple to complex, technique, illusion, finish, weight, hollowness, value, temperature,  masculine and feminine qualities, reflection, and more arise in what seems a most intimate conversation between the maker of art and his materials.

Each piece, seems to reveal a sense of who I am to both myself and others. Though one can do whatever he wishes,  insofar as his sensibilities of inhibition and temperament will allow, it may be that the genetic make-up and life experiences of the artist has more to do with the final outcome than the willful decision making of the artist at work. It seems, that if a sculptor is one interested in the shape of things, he most certainly may also be one interested the internal shape of things, which are revealed in and through his work.

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