What’s new in V4.11

Version 4.11 is due for release in the next few weeks, You will notice a few changes:

We’ve improved permissions in BeeFree.

Bee Free is becoming widely used in large multi-branch businesses. To offer better protection of data between branches and to add extra layers of protection when the number of staff is much larger, we have added two new permissions.

Document Manager - to make document management completely independent of other permissions. This will allow document design to be performed by a member of staff without giving them full system administrator permission.

Branch Manager -  to allow a person to have control of an entire branch, but not control of other branches.

System Administrators will be assigned these permissions by default.

Reporting is also more controlled now, with the ability to exclude any users from any reports. Reporting is also automatically filtered by branch. This prevents branch managers from downloading the entire client list or producing reports for branches where they do not work.

Search for clients and add new client on appointment screen

Search for patients directly from the appointment screen. This has been requested by users and makes a clear, easy to find search button on the appointment screen.

Diagnostic terms - master problem list

Add symptoms to consultations and estimates. This allows consistent entering of clinical findings and symptoms. Particularly useful for data mining and insurance claims. Pick from the AHAA (American Animal Hospital Association) diagnostic terms database or add your own terms on the fly. You only have to type the first few letters and the appropriate terms appear as if by magic!

Complex Products (Build of materials)

To deal with the following common scenarios:

You may want to invoice a client for a complex procedure which is quoted up front for a fixed price. The classic example is a Bitch desexing. Here you would like:

  1. The invoicing process to accurately update all the materials you use
  2. The invoice to only display one line eg. ‘Bitch Spay’
  3. The price to remain fixed regardless of whether you used 2 or 3 packs of suture materials.

This is now possible using our ‘Group in invoice’ feature of procedure templates:

This feature allows the ‘Grouped’ products to appear as one line on the customer invoice and also allow the option of ‘fixed’ total cost.

Here is a video to show you how this works:


New ‘In Progress’ status for appointments

If you click on the ‘reason’ for an appointment we’ll know that the appointment has started and mark the appointment as in progress. For this to work you need to first mark the appointment as ‘arrived’ - alternatively you need to save the consultation to make this happen. Lets help those on reception by letting them know that the client is now in the consult room (and not run off without paying).

Consultation notes Autocomplete

Auto-complete - instead of typing out long words, you can now use auto-complete.

Try it:

To configure the list of completions, go to branch settings and look for the setting called ‘Notes Autocomplete’

File search

You can search categories and file names with the handy new search box. So in the patient card >> files tab, there is a search window. Typing in any combination of words will find the relevant file.

Sending an SMS to a client has been improved

If you set the branch setting ‘Send Sms Immediately’, then SMSs sent from the client screen will be sent immediately (all other SMS sending is unaffected). To do this go to administration >> branch settings >> Send SMS immediately setting.

Once this is set, and messages sent from the client screen will be sent without a preview. This is to help clinics who send a lot of manual messages frequently do their job faster. The usual scenario is sending messages to tell owners that their pet has recovered from surgery.

SMS character counter

Many users have been sending messages that are too long. Simple SMS is restricted to 160 characters. We have added a character counter to the bottom of the test box so now you can also see how many characters are remaining in this message.

Form names unique and remove duplicates

We’ve completely removed branch specific forms. This makes it easier for you to manage your multi-branch practice. So for multi-branch practices, there is only ONE set of standard forms to maintain. All branches share this common set of forms. This allows you to centralise your marketing and save staff time and wages.

Easier to add custom logo to forms

If you go to administration >> branch details. Here there is a setting called ‘Logo URL’. Adding the web address of your logo here, will allow you to easily put it on all your forms. You do this by adding the text ‘[branch.logo_url]’  to any document. This is very helpful for multi branch clinics who require different logos on all their forms.

Autogrow consultation notes

As your consultation note grows, you’ll notice the size of the consultation screen growing. So where previously you would have needed to scroll down if you wrote a very long clinical history, now the notes screen grows to the size of your text.

Remember, you can always click the expand button to maximise a consultation note to the full screen.

Enable customisation of email subject

You may have noticed this already, but you can now customise your email subjects. Yes, Bee Free is an awesome digital marketing system, but we have made it even better. Users told us that sending emails with the default title of ‘Documentation From XXX Veterinary Clinic’ was probably not the most inspirational way to deploy your marketing messages. So now you have the power of setting whatever you like as an email subject/title. To do this simply navigate to administration >> forms and certificates. Select the form you want to email out. A new area is set at the bottom called ‘Subject’. Add whatever you want to this, including variables like [patient_name] so that the client gets a subject like ‘Ahoy There! Fluffy is due for their worming treatment!’.

Smart Flow Sheet workflow improvements

Patients are no longer automatically sent to the Whiteboard - you need to click ‘Send to Whiteboard’ from the procedure screen. This is because clinics testing this have been telling us that they dont want every single patient to be sent to smartflow. The classic example may be boarding patients in a clinic that has a large boarding service. This was filling up smartflow sheets with too many inpatients.

Minor things

We hope you enjoy the new features of BeeFree software.


BeeFree Software Team.