“O for the wings of a dove” - Saturday 8th July 2017
at St Laurence’s Church, Frodsham

Tickets available on the door

We have all played our own personal version of “Desert Island Discs” in our head, planning which eight discs we would take with us to our island to entertain, comfort and inspire us. It would be difficult enough just choosing the eight pieces of music, but then there is the nightmare of deciding on your single, impractical, luxury item! Nevertheless, don’t forget that accompanying you will also be the complete works of Shakespeare and a Bible, which surely has to be the King James’ Version. Contained within its Old Testament library is the Book of Psalms, purported to have been written by King David, himself. Not only is this a wonderful treasury of verse, but it gives us  access to many of the wonderful settings of these songs that have been written over the centuries in both hymns and choral works.

In our concert we are dipping into that wonderful legacy of words and some of the music it has inspired. Our concert could easily have called, “The Lord is my shepherd” as we have four different but equally inspired settings of Psalm 23 in the programme. Schubert, Stanford, Rutter and Goodall all bring out something interesting and different in their individual responses to the text.

Almost equally well-known is Psalm 42, “As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God.” We will present Mendelssohn’s setting which is very tuneful and contains several contrasting sections. Even more popular is his setting of “Hear my Prayer,” which is derived from Psalm 55 and contains, as its central section, “O for the wings of a dove”, made famous by the chorister Ernest Lough, in a recording dating from 1927.

Mozart and Brahms also feature in two much-loved pieces: Mozart’s “Laudate Dominum” is his setting of Psalm 117 for Solemn Vespers and Brahms’ “How lovely are thy dwellings fair” from his “German Requiem” is based on Psalm 84.

Come and join us to hear these eight pieces of music, which may or may not feature on your list of desert island choices  plus a selection of  five wonderful songs by British composers, sung by Jennifer Rust, that reflect the glory and blessings of nature and love.


Tickets: On sale at Dandelion, Frodsham

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