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News, Features, A&E, Opinions, Sports, Web

Applications, resumes and recommendation letters due via email to Jana Eller at

Label each page with your name, major, phone, email and year.

  1. What section are you interested in editing and why?

  1. What kind of experience do you have that you feel will assist you in being a section editor? (Please list all coursework that is applicable, high school newspaper experience, Chimes experience, and job related experience.)

  1. What is your projected date of graduation? (Only applicants graduating in spring 2018 or later will be considered.)

  1. What is your vision goal for the content of the Chimes?

  1. This position may take 15 to 20 hours of your week. How does this work with your class schedule, and can you handle the time commitment? Please attach your schedule for next semester.

  1. The Chimes is a web-first publication, meaning stories must be generated, edited and uploaded every day. How would you handle a job that is somewhat constant and unpredictable?

  1. How familiar are you with web programs such as Wordpress and Google Docs?

  1. How comfortable are you with copy editing? How familiar are you with AP style

  1. How familiar are you with InDesign, Photoshop and page layout design?

  1. What are your standards for determining what is newsworthy and what is not?

  1. One of the biggest problems that The Chimes has always had is finding enough writers. How will you go about finding and retaining writers for next year?

  1. Are you comfortable with working with reporters to edit their work and help develop their writing?

  1. What are your leadership and people management skills? How would you interact with writers?

  1. What unique talents, skills and abilities would you bring to the newsroom?

  1. What are your two most prominent weaknesses and how will you keep them from influencing your work as an editor?

  1. Do you view the Chimes’ work as kingdom work? If so, how and why? How would you integrate your faith with this job, and how would that change how you work?

  1. How did you find out about this position?

  1. Sports only: What makes a great sports story?

  1. Features only: How would you go about making your stories bold, yet thoughtful?

  1. Arts and Entertainment only: How can a review combine thoughtful Christian perspectives with entertainment that is relevant to today’s students?

  1. Opinions only: What is the role of a controversial story for a publication like the Chimes that has a mainly Christian audience?

  1. Web only: What do you believe is one of the key components in communicating content to the Chimes audience through social media?

  1. News only: What does it look like for a campus newspaper to have a watchdog mentality?

  1. News only: How will you balance a never-ending news cycle with the demands of everyday life?