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Matt Beard Art  Plein Air Documentation                                              

Artwork Title: Fault Lines     

Size: 20” x 16”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas  

Date Painted: 7-26-17


Base Price: $1 per sq. in.

Field Notes:

5th day on the road, 15th painting completed

I’ve scouted around in this cove a few times looking for an angle to paint this place, but never bothered to find a way out onto the cliffs that overlook it. Glad I finally did, I could spend weeks painting out here. What really stands out up here is the geological forces that have shaped this cove. I believe the San Andreas fault line runs right through it, and I was drawn to the linear elements of the scene before me.

It was a longish walk from the road to get out here, often on game trails through tall grass that had me tucking my pant legs into my socks and checking for ticks religiously. I was relieved to never see a single one, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking of those little bloodsuckers nearly the whole time.

When I was nearly finished with this one, some ladies came walking by on the nearby trail. They stopped and made note of the waves they thought I’d added (I’d seen a few). At first I thought they were just friendly walkers out to chat on a nice afternoon. Then they wanted to know where I was from, and who I was with, and let me know they noticed my van back at the carpark. I assured them I was alone, not part of a group and not connected to any other artists that have passed through these parts.

Maybe I read them wrong, but they sure seemed to be putting out some territorial vibes in that short conversation. But I understand, they live in a very small town, in a very beautiful place, in a state whose coast is being bought and sold at an alarming rate. Protectionism isn’t all their fault. It’s also their virtue.



Distance from Humboldt: $15 per county


Overnight Travel Required: $75

Sleeping in Van Required: $50

Tricky Urban Van Camping Required: $25


Paid Parking: Cost of Parking

Illegal or Questionable Parking Required: $50

Parking Ticket Incurred: Cost of Ticket

Private Land: $50

Posted No Trespassing: $100

Harassed by Authorities and/or Told to Leave: $150

Citation Incurred:  Cost of Citation

Fence/Gate Hopping: $50

Barbed Wire: $50

Blood: $50


Hauling Gear on Foot: $25 per mile

Off Trail Wilderness Tromping Required: $15

Climbing or Vertical Scrambling Requiring Use of Hands: $25

Full On Bushwhacking: $75


Poison Oak Observed: $15

Ticks Observed on Skin or Clothing: $25 each

Tick Bites: $150 each

Bee/Wasp/Insect Stings: $25

Wind Speed: $10 per mile per hour over 10mph


Lack of Shade: $50


Heat/Cold: $5 per degree over 70/ under 50


Excessive Public Conversations/Distractions: ranges from $25-$150



Able to Paint View from Back of Van: Subtract $100

Private Land With Permission (Your Land):  Subtract $250

Cold Beer and/or Snacks Delivered During or After Paint Session: Subtract $50

Fun Surf at Location Before or After Painting: Subtract $50

Room and Board for 1 week during a paint tour of your area: Subtract Everything!




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