#214 - The Angry Chicken: “Actually Insane”


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Been loving all the Mayor Noggenfogger memes being sent my way. <3

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Return of the Lich King speculation

Via PenguinJ2 on r/hearthstone

More speculation: Recent PC Gamer Ben Brode interview


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Wild Tourney Update

We have our top 8. Many of the decklists have been released.

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Hi Jocelyn, Garrett, and Dills,

I was playing Miracle Dragon Priest with Lyra and queued into a Quest Warrior. My early game was horrible and the the warriors was exceptional, allowing him to finish the quest by turn 8 with a near perfect curve thanks to Stonehill Defender. I had Lyra in hand and an Elise pack in my deck when my opponent plays Sulfuras and starts using his hero power. At this point the warrior has full health and 10 armor and I am at around 20 health. After a brawl that clears my minions, rag shots start hitting my face taking me low.

I have Lyra and play it out with a radiant elemental and a shadow vision and find an Elise pack. I take the pack and open it to find only small minions and a Discover Un'Goro. Now my turn is over and the warrior clears my board and takes me to 3 health over the next two turns. At 3 I am able to play priest of the feast and enough spells to take me to 12. Another rag shot to the face. Now I am at 4. I play a second priest of the feast and play Discover Un'Goro and another spell to take me to 16. He kills a priest of the feast with his hero power and now I get my first discover. Nothing good in the discover but playing the spell heals me a little bit.  My opponent plays an armorsmith and a second brawl and he again wins the brawl. 2 more turns later I am at 3 again and the warrior is in fatigue. For that turn's discover a card what do I find but another Lyra?!

I play the Lyra and remaining spells in my hand as quickly as I can searching for a heal. I find a heal and we both start taking fatigue damage. With the Lyra and spells that I find I am able to heal just enough to out last the warrior through fatigue. Truly the craziest game I have played.

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Greetings Red Faced Roosters!


Hearthstone has been my main Blizzard game of choice for quite a while, but with Heroes 2.0 I’ve been getting into HOTS as well.  Blizzard has created all these wonderful universes and HOTS is a such a fun place to be able to see all these great places in one spot, BUT they are missing one key ingredient…  Hearthstone Heroes!!!!   Hearthstone started off as a Warcraft based Universe but has since branched off and now has many of it’s own unique Heroes such as Elise Starseeker, Sir Finley Murgleton, Patches the Pirate and so forth.  I know you all play HOTS, don’t you feel slighted that you don’t have any heroes from YOUR game!  Who would you like to see from the Hearthstone universe added to Heroes of the Storm?  What do you think their kit would look like?




Howdy Hate-filled Hens,

As an almost 40 year-old mostly casual Hearthstone player, it's rare to see anyone that looks like me playing Hearthstone, whether at a tournament, streaming, or at a fireside gathering. I've often heard that in eSports, players are past their prime in their early 20s. This got me wondering about how to make Hearthstone more appealing to what I'd affectionately call the "Dads Division." So what are your thoughts on age-based divisions in Hearthstone and eSports in general?

On the reverse end of the spectrum, my 3 children all play HS to some degree, and my 7 year-old is a virtual encyclopedia of card knowledge. While I can take them to play in Pokemon tournaments that seem age appropriate, entering a 7 year-old into a Hearthstone tournament against college students is the only entry point I'm aware of. What are your thoughts on a Hearthstone Junior League?


Team 5 has mentioned the possibility of bringing "Wild Packs" back into the game as a possibility.  

What should Wild packs look like?

1) Individual expansions: "Goblins vs Gnomes", "The Grand Tournament", etc.

+ Re-release adventures

2) "Wild Packs": Have all cards not currently in standard under one pack type just called Wild Packs

3) Year of the ____ Packs: ex: "Year of the Kraken packs", etc.

4) Something else?


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