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Stand-Alone Sim Covenant
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Dream Seeker Estates offers both Homestead and Normal regions as stand-alone sims.  A stand-alone sim is a region entirely leased by a single resident.  Stand-alone sims come with estate management rights for the resident leasing the region.

In order to maintain a quality living experience in the region certain terms and conditions apply. All tenants, residents and guests must abide by the rules stated below. By becoming a tenant in this region, you are agreeing to ALL terms and conditions outlined here, as well as any future revisions of this document that may from time to time be released. Any such changes will be communicated to all tenants and will become effective on the next tier renewal date or 30 days from the notification date, whichever comes first. Use or possession of land in the region on or after the effective date constitutes acceptance of the new covenant.


  1. TIER FEES - 
  1. Current tier prices are listed at
  2. Tier fees are due immediately upon purchase.
  3. Tier fees are payable in Linden currency in-world into a rental box, or using PayPal in US$ currency.
  4. Tier fees are not refundable under any circumstances.
  5. Overdue fees will result in land being immediately reclaimed by management and may be sold or removed from the grid without further warning.
  6. Dream Seeker Estates reserves the right to change tier or rental fees at any time and for any reason.  In such cases affected residents will be notified and new rates will become effective on next payment date.

  1. If you are leasing or renting a normal region then you have a dedicated CPU core all to yourself, however if you are on a homestead sim then you share a CPU core with other sims.
  2. The official description of a homestead sim, as stated in the Second Life Knowledge Base is: "Homestead Regions have lower performance than Full regions and are intended for low-density rentals, quiet residential or light commercial use."
  3. If you feel that your sim is not performing as it should be, please restart the sim. You can restart it by going to World -> Region/Estate, selecting the Debug tab and clicking the Restart Region button. When a sim restarts it selects a new server to run on so after a restart the sim will share the CPU core with a different set of homestead regions.

  1. Full estate management rights available to the resident in this estate enable the resident to solve all problems and issues without the involvement of the estate management. See the appropriate knowledge base article for information on managing estates (
  2. If your region is offline, please submit a case to Linden Lab ( and choose “Land & Region” followed by “Report an Offline Region” and fill in the appropriate details. All offline reports are treated at the same priority by Linden Lab.

  1. The Dream Seeker Estates stand-alone sims are sold in their entirety to a single owner who will become the Estate Manager. That same person must be the person registered to pay tier for the sim and is the individual that the estate recognizes as the owner of the sim, regardless of who at the time is listed as the owner of the parcel(s) (individual or group), who paid for the initial purchase, and regardless of any other dealings that may have occurred.
  2. Any sales you make without notifying Dream Seeker Estates will only be considered as sub-rentals. You will still be liable to Dream Seeker Estates for monthly tier fees and failure to pay these fees will result in the sim being reclaimed by management. Notifying Dream Seeker Estates is necessary to transfer Estate Management rights to the new owner.
  3. At the time of sale, any tier fees paid to date expire and the new owner is required to immediately start paying tier fees to Dream Seeker Estates. If only a portion of the sim is sold, Dream Seeker Estates will consider that transaction as a sub-rental and will not accept tier fees from the new tenant.
  4. Any themes on the region at time of purchase are intended to be used by the listed tenant for personal use and are not allowed to be used for reselling or commercial use. If the region is purchased for those purposes the theme, if present, must be returned including but not limited to terrain shape, textures, and objects associated with the theme.

  1. LEGAL
  1. You are expected to comply with applicable legislatures of your real life place of residence, your current real life location, any legislature applicable to Linden Labs, and the legislature of Canada and the province of Alberta.
  2. You are expected to fully comply with all provisions with the Second Life Terms Of Service (TOS).
  3. Dream Seeker Estates or any officer thereof shall not be held responsible for any losses of any kind, direct or indirect.
  4. Dream Seeker Estates is also not responsible for the objects returned or lost for any reason.
  5. If a resident threatens or carries out action that has a hostile intent to inflict direct or indirect financial losses upon the Dream Seeker Estates group, any partner estate, or any officer thereof, the estate management will immediately reclaim any land owned by that resident without refund and the resident will be muted and banned from all affiliated estates. Linden Labs will be notified of the incident.