Sub Plans for David Duez, 1207 Red 2                                                                                                      Monday, Sept. 14, 2015

Thank you for being here for me.                                                                 Let me know if there are any problems at all.

All of my seating charts, passes, sign out sheet, & materials are on my desk.                                                                         Good luck!

Periods 1 and 4 - Advanced Placement World History:

1. Take attendance.

2. Students will take a quiz today over chapter 3. They may use their handwritten notes. The quiz is 10 minutes long. I have a timer above the board you can use, or you can time it yourself. Just let the kids know how much time is remaining. It is only 10 questions long.

        Pass out the quiz answer sheets. They have the student’s names on them. This is a good way to do attendance as well, if someone is absent there will be no quiz for them. Any student who is in class on Monday WILL take the quiz.

        Then have the spread their desks just a little and then pass out the quiz. Remind the students to write the quiz number on their answer sheet. This is the 3rd quiz. So they should have this down by now. When they are finished they can take it to the black shelves in the back next to the filing cabinet. Top shelf would be for the quiz (face up) and the quiz answer sheets go face down in the second shelf.

3. Students can pick up the article by Jared Diamond “The Greatest Mistake in the history of the human race” as they enter the classroom and I will have directions on the board to do so. The questions will be on the front table. They know how to do this, but remind them as they come in for class.

4. Collect their articles (“Worst Mistake”) at the end of the period.

5. Remind them to study for the first Unit Test on Wed/Thu. & let them know I will go over the quiz in class on Tues.

Period 2, 3, 6, 7 - AP Psychology:

1. Take attendance - Seating Charts on my desk.

2. Show the videos on the computer, students will take notes over the content. It is from the topics we are currently studying. Emphasize that they should have their notebooks open and try to look for key information that they can relate to and understand from Chapter 2. You probably won’t get through every single video, that’s ok.

        1. Crash Course Psychology - Research (10:50 min)

                The Scientific Method, Case Studies, Naturalistic Observation, Surveys & Interviews, Experimentation, & Proper Research Practices.

        2. Chuck Schallhorn - Understanding Experimental Design (3:47)

        3. Chuck Schallhorn - Descriptive Statistics - Correlation (4:45)

        4. Chuck Schallhorn - Standard Deviation (5:51)

        5. Stanford Prison Experiment Overview by Judy Ho PhD (2:02)  The power of the situation

        6. Dr. Zimbardo - Critical Social Psychology - Stanford Prison Experiment (6:54)

        7. ABC News Primetime Webcast - The Milgram Experiment (5:49)

        8. Milgram Experiment Footage (1:52) Actual footage of the experiment

        9. PSYCHOLOGY-Study-Australians in Shock (8:49)

        10. Paul Bloom “The Psychology of Everything” (48:00) Great introduction to what psychology is and does

If for some reason the technology is not in order, please have a student help or get someone to assist. Everything should be good to go. I checked it before I left. (However, I did leave some additional written assignments on my desk, if needed)

There should be no sleeping or empty desktops without active pen/paper & student thinking. Backpacks and purses on the floor. All students should have a notebook out and be ready to write as they learn. Please ask them to do this and help to keep them focused.  No cell phones. No iPads.  RED ZONE (NO CELL PHONES)

You should have a great day. If that doesn’t happen, or if there are any issues... please do let me know. These are very good classes. So I will be highly disappointed if it is not a great day. And students will hear about it and pay a price. I was a substitute for two years before I began teaching and I know how difficult your job can be. So I want to be sure you have a wonderful day.

I am out today due to a some extreme fatigue with Multiple Sclerosis, but I will be at open house this evening. Remind them to let their parents know it is tonight at 6 pm. They should all know I will be out of school, I emailed them to let them know. I will be back tomorrow.

Thank you,

David Duez

Showing a video is simple. The computer when logged in will display a folder in the middle of the screen, like this:


Then double click on the folder to open, then double click to play video (They are numbered in order):

Grab the video at the top of the bar, while the projector is on, click and hold to drag the video to the right and it will show up on the monitor in front of the classroom. The right edge of the computer screen leads to the virtual desktop that will display as projected on the screen:



Everything you need is already setup and tested. I ran through it all a couple of times the day before.

The speakers are plugged in and they are on my desk. Adjust the volume if needed. Tilt speakers towards the class, if needed.

Please ask a student for help if this is confusing in any way.

Thanks so much, have a great day!