School Prospectus 2017

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Contents  A        

  1. Introduction        
  2. School Values, Chelsea DNA, Growth Mindset
  3. Chelsea Primary School Staff 2017        
  4. School Set Up for 2017        
  5. Board of Trustees/PTA
  6. Goals of the School        
  7. Administrative Information/pupil absence
  8. School fees/donations
  9. School Payments
  10. Parent/School Communication        
  11. School Medical Facilities        
  12. Road Safety at the School Gate        
  13. Standards
  14. Chelsea School Uniform
  15. Sport
  16. Lunches/Kelly Club - Before and After School Care Programme        
  17. Chelsea Prep
  18. Pre-school notes for parents
  19. Useful lessons for parents
  20.  Back to school        




1. Introduction

Welcome to Parents

We hope your association with our school will be a happy one with close co-operation between parents and teachers for the educational benefit of your children.

Mission Statement

“To provide our students with a high quality education, thus laying the foundation for a life-long love of learning”

Vision Statement

“Achieving our potential with confidence, passion and integrity”.


“Growing Great Learners”

Contained in this document is information which should ease your child’s transition into school.  Please take the time to read through it all and do not hesitate to contact the School Office with any questions.  Email

2. School Values, Chelsea DNA & Growth Mindset

School Values

School Values & Chelsea DNA

At Chelsea School students and teachers believe that our 4 Values are integral to a happy and healthy life in our community and the world.





Chelsea DNA

Our Chelsea School Learners are developing a growth mindset through their endeavours to grow their Chelsea DNA, to ensure success as lifelong learners and contributors to society.

Growth Mindset

Chelsea School works to create learners who have a ‘Growth Mindset’.  These learners believe their talents can be developed through hard work, good strategies, and learning from others. They put energy into learning, valuing the struggles of finding themselves in the learning pit. They embrace being wrong as an opportunity for learning and the power of  not ‘YET’. They celebrate growth and seek the next challenge.

3. Chelsea Primary School Staff 2017

Principal                                                Mrs Sue Mulcahy
Deputy Principal, Curriculum                                Mrs Amanda Douglas
Deputy Principal, Pastoral Care/SENCO                Mrs Janine Cross

Teachers                        Mr Peter Anderson

                                Mrs Samantha Bottcher        

                                Mrs Carole Carkeek

                                Mr Tim Christie

                                Mrs Janine Cross

Ms Sarah Tohill

                                Mrs Prue East

                                Mrs Nicola Eka

Miss Rebecca Hedges

Mrs Katrina Kiely

Mrs Helen Lares

                                Mrs Jennie Le Sueur

Ms Lenni Miller

                                Miss Mina Mubarak

Miss Tracey Notley

Mrs Natasha Peterson

Mrs Su Saga                                 

                                Mrs Jenny Henderson (part-time)



PA to the Principal

and Office Manager                Mrs Sandra Cotcher

School Receptionist                Ms Jo Trower

Library and Resource         Mrs Alison Stothers

Manager/ Teacher Aide                

ESOL Teachers                Ms Kay Finlay, Ms Kelly Grant

Teacher Aides        Mrs Maggie Ede, Mrs Alison Stothers, Ms Julie Johnson,

Mrs Leah Belshaw, Mrs Jan Norman

Before/After School                Kelly Club, private company operating on school grounds
Care Programme                        

Property Manager                Mr David Maddock

4. School Set Up for 2017


Sp 1                Miss Mina Mubarak

Sp 2                Miss Tracey Notley                (Team Leader)

Sp 3                Mr Peter Anderson

Sp 4                Mrs Sarah Blaney


Sp 5                 Mrs Helen Lares

Sp 6                Mrs Samantha Bottcher         (Team Leader)

Sp 7                 Ms Sarah Tohill

Sp 8                Mrs Natasha Peterson

Sp 9                 Mrs Katrina Kiely


Sp 10                Mrs Jennie Le Sueur                 (Team Leader)

Sp 11                Miss Rebecca Hedges
Sp 12                Ms Prue East

Sp 13                 Mrs Carole Carkeek


Sp 14                Ms Lenni Miller

Sp 16                Mrs Su Saga

Sp 17                Mrs Nicola Eka                (Team Leader)        

Mr Tim Christie - CRT - Classroom release teacher  - Music

Mrs Alison Stothers is the Librarian

Ms Kay Finlay and Ms Kelly Grant are the ESOL and Learning Support Teacher Aides.

Mrs Maggie Ede, Ms Julie Johnson, Mrs Leah Belshaw and Mrs Jan Norman are targeted Teacher Aides.

Mr David Maddock, the Property Manager is the person you need to contact about lost property.  He will return all named clothing.  

Mrs Sandra Cotcher is the Office Manager and PA to the Principal. Ms Jo Trower is the Office Administrator.  Office hours are 8.30am to 4pm.

5. Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees governs the school.  It is their function to set the objectives, goals and policies of the school and to administer the school finances.  The Board is composed of parents of children at the school and is elected by parents for a 3 year term.  (Additional members may also be co-opted for specific purposes).  An elected teacher representative and the Principal are also members of the Board.

There is a roll-over of Trustees every eighteen months with either 2 or 3 places being up for election for a further 3 years.  This ensures there is continuity on the Board.

The Board of Trustees holds its meetings in the staffroom commencing at 7pm.  Members of our community are welcome to attend.

Chairperson                        Dr Ingrid van Rijn                Tel 480 2009

Principal                        Mrs Sue Mulcahy

Staff Representative                Miss Rebecca Hedges

Members                        Mr Simon Raistrick

Mrs Farah Adam

Ms Jill Caldwell

Mr Raymond Hayter                                

Minute Secretary                Mrs Sandra Cotcher

The Board is elected by the community for a three year term. Once ratified, minutes of each meeting are posted on the notice board in the foyer of the administration building and on the school website –


This is an organisation consisting of interested people whose function is to further the general welfare of the school in the wider community.  Its primary focus is social, followed by fundraising for special projects.  Meetings are held monthly with additional meetings as required.  All parents are welcome to meetings.  

The PTA Committee is elected annually at its AGM.  This is a vital organisation which supports and complements the Board of Trustees.        

The school also welcomes the support parents can give in a variety of ways including supporting classroom visits, sports etc.  

6. Goals of the School

Chelsea Primary School gives pupils a rich and wide ranging programme from which they will acquire knowledge, learn skills and develop attitudes which will help their development now and in the future.

We structure programmes to cater for the needs of each child within the school, encouraging self-worth and confidence so that they may develop to their fullest potential and become well rounded, responsible members of society.  

The aim of Chelsea Primary School is to foster an environment where each pupil is secure, happy, co-operative, culturally inclusive and industrious, and where we cater for all individual strengths, weaknesses and differences.  Every pupil is encouraged to do their best in whatever they undertake.

With your fullest co-operation and support we will maintain the highest possible standards at all times and work towards achieving the following goals:

  1. To develop positive attitudes to learning and a culture of excellence.
  2. To develop independence of thought and responsibility.
  3. To acknowledge effort and achievement.
  4. To increase pupils’ interest, concern and appreciation for other people and their environment.
  5. To develop a spirit of co-operation between pupils, staff and parents in working towards common objectives.
  6. To develop and maintain a school culture where children know they are valued.

7. Administrative Information


A child may be absent from school only in case of illness, and all absences must, by law, be explained even when a pupil is absent for part of the day.

To make this as simple as possible, the school has an answer phone operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The number is the same as the school number. All unexplained absences are followed up by the office staff, so please help avoid this by ringing in all absences before 9.00am. Absence phone line: 418-0082 extension 1


If your child is late for school they must come in through the office and report in. This is essential because if not seated on the mat in their classroom at 8.55am, children are marked absent and their name forwarded to the office immediately.

Children SHOULD be at school between 8.30am and 8.45am in order for them to organise bags, reading books, and get set up for the day. Children who arrive at the last minute or late are instantly disadvantaged, as the morning's organisation has already been discussed and the late child often becomes flustered and/or upset.

SCHOOL DAY - Bell Times

        8.30am        Children may enter grounds/rooms

        8.55am        Roll call

        11.00am        Morning break

        11.20am        School resumes

        12.30pm        Lunch

        1.25pm        School resumes

        3.00pm        School finishes

As children do not come into the school grounds before 8.30am, it is asked that children do not arrive at school before 8.30am.  Any children at school prior to that time must wait on court 1 and not enter classrooms until the 8.30am bell has rung.  If wet, children wait under the walkway outside Space 2.  There is a before-school care centre on the grounds if parents need to start work earlier than this time.  Enrolment details for this service are available from Kelly Club.

Please ensure your children are delivered to their class between 8.30am and 8.45am to enable the children to settle before commencement of classes at 8.55am.  Children are picked up at 3pm from outside the school grounds, or through the drop off.

We respectfully ask that parents do not wait outside classrooms as this causes distraction to all classes.

The school grounds are supervised every school day from 8.30am to 3.00pm.  Children are to return home promptly after school unless they are enrolled in the After School Care programme.

8. School fees/donations


Currently all schools are rated on a Decile ranking system (scale of 1 to 10) according to socio-economic area (1 low, 10 high).

Chelsea is a Decile 10 school and as such has a much reduced funding entitlement.  We receive an “operational grant” from which we are required to fund functional parts of the school – e.g. heat, light, water, rates, the salaries of all non-teaching staff, all curriculum resources, maintenance, capital purchases and refurbishing.  We receive a token grant to fund the academic special needs requirements in the school.

Being a Decile 10 school means we are ineligible for the extra funding which lower Decile schools receive, e.g. were we a Decile 3 or 4 we would receive approximately $380,000 in extra funding – i.e. $300 per child.

The Government’s reasoning is that in high socio-economic areas the community will support the school, but refuses to give us the means to enforce school fees.  Thus we are reliant upon positive support from our parent body.  If money gets tight then curriculum resources are the first things to suffer, as the bills still have to be paid.  The myth of “Free Education” has been just that for many decades now and education is definitely “user pays”.

We are not able to enforce the school fee/donation.  The fee/donation for 2017 has been maintained at $300 per child, and is the mainstay of curriculum resources.  This “donation” is much needed and the Board trusts that you will not rely on other families to subsidise your children and will co-operate with the school in paying this annually.  In order for your child to keep abreast of educational trends and progress, your monetary support is required.  It is certainly not how we would like the system to operate, but it is the reality.

All fees/donations will be levied in February of each year, but are able to be paid by the term if this will assist you.  Also levied is Start-up Stationery ($50.00 - $65.00 approx).

If children require extra books later in the year, these can be bought as necessary from the school office.  Receipts will be issued for donations.

9. School Payments

School fees/donations and other payments such as fees for accessing Bug Club, Matific and Hapara programmes as part of digital learning, along with sports and trip payments can be paid through the school website ‘On line payments’.

School Payments


Our online school payments system is available through our school website and is our preferred method of payment for your school expenses.

Working together with Kindo, our school shop offers an easy way for you to view and pay for your child’s needs, and complete permission slips and other forms, online. It’s easy, secure and open 24/7.

Visit our school website for more information, and links to tutorials on how to use our Kindo online school shop.

Visit our school shop now.        


10. Parent/School Communication


Weekly newsletters are sent home each Wednesday by email. They are also available on our website  Each week there is a syndicate newsletter updating parents on the forthcoming events and areas of study.

School Website –

The school website is a good source of information about school events, staff details, sporting events, photo galleries, links to the maths and spelling sheets and much more.

Parent Interviews/Evenings & Reporting:

Year 0 - Year 3
Written reports are sent home as each child reaches their 40, 80 and 120 week anniversary of their time at school, as well as a progress report at 20, 60 and 100 weeks. Three way conferences are held at each of these times.

Year 4 - Year 6
Written mid year and end of year reports are issued each year for all Year 4 to year 6 children.  Three way conferences for these children are held twice a year. Once in Term 1 and again, early Term 3.

Incidental Pupil/Parent Interviews

Parents are welcome to discuss concerns with teachers as they arise, by appointment. However, as teachers have commitments before, during and after school, parents are requested to make an appointment by contacting the office.

All teachers are available on email:

There are some exceptions to this rule where there are teachers with the same first name – If in doubt please contact the school office email

11. School Medical Facilities

Our sick room facilities are limited.  Parents will be contacted if children are injured or unwell.  Pupils should be collected personally from the administration area.

Emergency contact phone numbers and parents’ work numbers are essential for our records and it would be appreciated if parents could keep the office informed of any changes, just in case that emergency happens!


The school must be notified if your child requires special or immediate attention, e.g. in the case of stings.  Parents should supply the school with special medication if it is likely to be needed.  Whilst all staff receive first aid training, staff are only able to treat minor problems (grazes etc) at school.  In all other cases our policy is to contact the parent or a neighbour so that they can make the necessary arrangements for the child to go home or seek further medical attention.

The purpose of the Family Doctor’s name on the Enrolment Form is to provide a “back up” for staff when an emergency arises and parents cannot be contacted.

Children who are unwell should not be at school, as there is the potential to infect others.


This is a recurring problem in all schools.  Parents are strongly advised to carry out regular inspections of children’s hair to prevent the spread of this problem.  The school cannot help you with this.

MEDICAL CHECKS - Dental, Hearing and Vision etc  

With the implementation of the Privacy Act it is now necessary for parents to sign a consent form for their child/children to receive hearing, vision and dental checks.


The Dental Nurse contact details can be obtained from the school reception. Please email  There is no Dental Clinic at Chelsea School.  The Dental Van visits each year for check-ups of the children’s oral health.

12. Road Safety at the School Gate

3.00pm Rush

After school the traffic at both school entrances is congested.


  1. Park correctly according to the law
  2. We have a ‘drop off’ and ‘pick up’ zone in the staff car park. You may drive into the car park, let your child off and drive on. No standing is allowed as this impedes traffic flow.
  3. All children must cross the road on the designated crossings.  No child may cross anywhere else with or without an adult, for their safety and the safety of others.

Both of our entrances have pedestrian crossings:

Onetaunga Road is patrolled from 8.30am – 8.55am and 3pm – 3.15pm.

Chelsea View Drive is patrolled from 3pm – 3.15pm only.

Parents, who are trained by the Police, patrol the crossings.  The road rules are strictly applied, and advice of infringement is sent to the Police, who then make the decision as to whether or not tickets are issued.

There is only one reason for this – the safety of your children.

Please refer to your Road Code as to the rules of the road.

Please do not park on yellow lines, across driveways, double-park etc.  The fines are  considerable, so for the sake of your pocket and for the safety of the children, please abide by the rules of the road.


Year 6 children may ride bicycles to school if they have a “cycle licence”.  This is obtained by passing the Traffic Education Officer’s cycle safety/road code/cycling skills test; and having parental signature on the appropriate school form.  Cyclists must wear cycle helmets.  Bicycle “licences” will be withdrawn for irresponsible or unsafe cyclist behaviour.

13. Standards  

At all times children will be expected to be considerate and display good manners.  Most school rules are based on the preservation of personal safety and health, and the protection of property. Parents will always be welcome at school to discuss disciplinary matters.
The school maintains that firm, fair discipline creates a positive environment for progress and this should be obtained with the total support and co-operation of our parents.
Work standards are to be high with neatness and correctness taking a prominent part in presentation so that children can take pride in their achievements.


Allow your child to do things for him/herself, e.g. hang up their own bag, come into school from the gate by him/herself (after the first week or so), tell his/her own news/messages to the teacher, meet you at the gate at 3.00pm etc. Children derive a great sense of achievement from doing these little things unaided, and feel very important.


Juniors will bring home reading and/or spelling Monday to Thursday. All work which comes home has been taught at school and just needs practice and reinforcement at home. Find a quiet 10 minutes with no outside distractions e.g. TV, and read with your children each night. Be supportive and free with praise for all attempts. They won't always get it right!

As the child progresses through the school, homework will become an independent activity. At this stage please refrain from
 doing your child's homework for them. The teachers don't want to know what you, the parent, can do, they're interested in the grasp your child has on the work/concepts in question. At all levels in the school, homework is an integral part of the school programme and is intended to develop good work habits. If however, you do not wish your child to have homework, just write a note to the teacher to that effect and that will be fine.

14. Chelsea School Uniform

School uniform is compulsory. The following items are available from Yarntons in Birkenhead

Available from The Warehouse in Birkenhead.

From the source of your choice

Please Name Everything!

Second Hand Uniform

To enquire about second hand uniform please contact Jo at the school office


For safety reasons, no jewellery may be worn except a watch, and studs for pierced ears.

15. Sport  

All students participate in Physical Education, sport and fitness programmes.

Predominantly Years 4, 5 and 6 students represent the school in Interschool sport.  Interschool sport is organised by the Birkenhead Cluster Principal's Association.

The events are competitive and we focus on skills. Sportsmanship is important at our school.


All children participate in a weekly sports programme. The programme includes skills practice and minor games as appropriate for each area.

The school has netball, hockey, soccer and basketball teams which play on week days. For Saturday sports, children participate through local clubs.


Children have swimming instruction for 6-7 weeks at the beginning of the year and 3 weeks at the end of the year, weather permitting.  As this is part of the school Physical Education programme, all children are expected to participate unless they have a letter from home excusing them due to illness.


Students have many opportunities to become involved in a wide range of activities. Some are included in class programmes and Years 5 and 6 students are often invited to participate in special groups.

We have a School Choir which performs at the Auckland Music Festival and we have biennial school productions in which all children participate.

We have a Kapa Haka group which performs at Onepoto School in November at the local Cluster Matariki festival and at school cultural assemblies.

16. Lunches

Lunches can be ordered on line from EZ Lunch every day.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday go-deli delivers to school.

Wednesday Pita Pit delivers to school.

Kelly Club - Before and After School Care Programme


The Before and After School Care Programme provides on-site before and after school care for children from Chelsea Primary School between the hours of 7.30am and 8.30am and 3.00pm and 6.00pm.  Enrolments are essential and the completion of an enrolment form is necessary before a child can enter the programme.

This programme, provided by Kelly Club, is administered independently by them.

Kelly Club aims to provide a professional service to give your child a safe, secure environment and an enjoyable care experience.

Booking information

There are a couple of easy options to find out more information or to book your child/ren onto our Kelly Club Programmes:

A booking form must be completed for each child. Payment is required upon invoice on a fortnightly basis in advance.  All accounts are expected to be settled at the conclusion of each term. Our account details for Internet banking are:

Account name: Kelly Club Chelsea

Account number: 03-0285-0317705-000

17. Chelsea Prep 

Give your child a head start!

Come to

Chelsea Prep 2017

Chelsea Primary School


Help your child:

We welcome all children who are 4 ½ who are enrolled at Chelsea Primary School, for a maximum of 2 terms of Prep.  Parents are required to remain on the school premises during this time, relaxing over a cup of tea/coffee in the staffroom.

Fees are $12.00 for one term or $14.00 for two terms. This includes a book bag and workbook.  Prep classes are held at 1.45-2.45pm in Space 17 for the first five Wednesdays of each term.

For further enquiries please phone the school office on 418 0082.

Term 1 – Weeks 2 to 6

Term 2 – Weeks 1 to 5

Term 3 – Weeks 1 to 5

Term 4 – Weeks 1 to 5

18. Pre-school notes for parents

Pre-school visit

A visit is arranged through the office for your preschooler to visit the classroom and participate in class activities. The parent or caregiver stays with the child during that time. Visits are arranged on Wednesday , between 9am and 10am. One or two visits are usually adequate. This enables the child to become familiar with the surroundings, the routine and other children.

A stationery list will be given to you at the time of the visit and once paid for, all stationery will be sent to the classroom, ready for your child's arrival.

First day of school

Bring your child by 8.45am to enable settling in to be as normal as possible. It is best for you to leave the child in a confident and happy state. Be positive as you leave. This is a great day for your child and we aim to make it a happy memory.

Your child will have a 'buddy' and will be looked after at playtime and lunch time, as well as in class.

There are ways you can help your child prepare for school:

- read to them

- take them to the library

- let them read in bed

                          - Confidence in self

19. Useful lessons for parents  


Acknowledgment: Dr Pat Spungin, founder of


Acknowledgement: Karen Gubbay, primary school teacher


Back-to-School is not just for children

Back-to-School time is prime time for families to get to know the place and the people who will be interacting with their children for the new school year.

Here are some things to keep in mind when taking your children to school for the first year or for another year: