MLFA Spring Meeting Minutes - April 18, 2015


8:40 President-Elect Regina Stingley called meeting to order

MLFA Attendance: See attachment


Motion to approve: Regina Stingley, Rufus King

Second from Tyne Turner, Golda Meier



Approval of minutes from State meeting: Robin Stein

Motion to approve: Aneesa Schaeffer, St. John the Baptist

Seconded: Pam Cullen, Cudahy Middle School



Treasurer’s report: Maggie Menard-Mueller

·         Presented profits – see Treasurer’s report

-           General profit: $1905.46

-           T-shirts: $3968.28

-           Tournament: $2823.75

-           Other

-           Made recommendation to waive membership fee to teams who host tournaments

-           Motion Tyne Turner moved to move idea to NEW Business

-           Ann Marchek, St. Francis Borgia seconded


Motion to approve: Sarah Lichey, Longfellow

Second: Kathleen Wisner, St. Catherines



Call for Nominations for President Elect:

-Candidates include Bob Herman, Lakeshore; Dante Hill, Lake Country; Joe Danek, Clement.

-Each candidate spoke.

-Voting took place among the attendees.


Congratulations to Joe Danek, new President- Elect


Past-President Report: No report


President’s Report: By Melissa Krahn, read by Robin Stein

This year has been a year a gangbuster year with more students at state than in years.  We will need to review how that affects available locations for future meets.  What we worked on this year may not seem very glamorous or to some, even necessary, however, we need to make sure that our practices and procedures are reflected in our governing documents.  Time was spent looking at them and questioning why we do what we do and if it is still appropriate practice.  Conversations were started about rubrics and our views on giving feedback that is meaningful to children.  Our bylaws were updated and will be voted on in the Fall.  Our constitution was updated and will be voted on in the Fall.  We will also be looking at the population we service and how best to grow and sustain our organization for the future.  We are in a good place and I am excited to see where we head next now that we know where we have been.   It has been great being your president and I know that Regina will keep us going in the right direction.

Category Committee: Helen Andrews

-           Time Infractions were reported most often

-           There have been more DQs this year than in the past, but for behavior, not for speeches

-           There will be a Category Committee Meeting Tuesday, Aug. 4th 12:30 – 5 at Pilgrim Park


State Tournament: Sarah Lichey

-           10 no shows this year, more than in years past

-           Trophies were calculated by the number of entries, not contestants, causing a shortage of trophies. Contact Sara Lichey if this affected your school’s contestants.

-           All results have been posted on website

-           Oconomowoc is no longer a viable venue if State remains this large. All rooms were used, and some vestibules were used.

-           The number of teams went down, but the number of State Qualifiers went up.  The scores seem to be slightly inflated.  How do we address this in the future to ensure that all students legitimately qualify for state?  This will be moved to Judge’s Standards and Training or Tournament Practices.


Judges’ Standards and Training: Patrick Russell & Joe Danek

-       Received 22 judging concerns (see attached report)

-   Comments and Concerns by the committee include:

-  Disputes on infractions go to executive committee

- Database is kept from 2012, tracking judging concerns

-   Specific Criteria is used to determine if action against a judge is required.

-   Discussion occurred discussing ways to improve judge standards. Patrick reiterated that there are few complaints.


Technology: Barb Hallman


T-Shirt and Logo Items: Lanell Gil


New Coaches/Mentor: Jim Vaughn


Small Schools – Terry Brehm


Tournament Practices and Procedures:


Historian- Bob Herman

-       Bob now has a small committee to organize all the records that the organization has.

-       He would like to get oral history from people who were around when the organization began.


Old Business



Constitutional changes:

Fifth Grade Participation Discussions

Kathleen Weisner, St. Francis Cabrini made a motion include 5th grade to the organization  

Seconded by Aneesa Schaefer, St. John the Baptist


Discussions (in the order it was discussed)

-       Suggested to make it more challenging to qualify for State, which would help moderate the number of students who qualify for state

-       There are many schools in Wisconsin who have 5th grade as a part of their middle school

-       Students are virtually on their own at meets and take care of themselves.  5th graders are not ready to handle the responsibility or commitment required at tournaments

-       If 5th graders were on teams, tournament hosts may not be able to host the additional numbers of participants

-       In all competition, there is a window of eligibility.

-       What does this mean for a K-5 school wanting to add a team? How is that handled by the organization?

-       The maturity level of 5th graders is not that of a 6th grader

-       The stamina of a 5th grader is considerably less than that of older grades.

-       Coaches at middle school may have to adopt 5th graders from the elementary school.  This may be a “logistical nightmare”

-       There are psychological differences between these students, which would be difficult for all involved.

-       Schools that only have 7th & 8th grades don’t include 6th graders from a K-6 school because it affects the program negatively.  Having to manage two campuses is difficult to sustain.

-       Consider including 5th graders as a club who are not able to compete, but can practice with the team to better prepare for team

-       There are 5th graders who are gifted and mature enough to handle forensics.


Called the Question: James Ross, Jewish Day School

Hand vote: 4 schools voted in favor, 19 opposed.

5th graders will not be added to the organization


New Business




At 11:48 Nikki Prelesnik, Oak Creek moved to adjourn

Second by  Helen Andrews, Pilgrim Park