Type of meeting                Board Meeting, Placerville Natural Foods Co-op.

Date and Time                July 27th 2015, 6:05 – 7:15 PM

Place                                PNFC upstairs meeting room

Facilitator                        John Le Pouvoir                

Note taker                        Alan Fuller

Attendees                        John Le Pouvoir, Karen Wolfenden, Ruthie Loeffelbein, Pam                        Roberts, Todd Grosby, Robynn Paxton Katz, Brad Salmon,

                        Garland McQueen        

Absent                        none

Guests _                        Doug Speakman, Craig Thomas, Gary & Julie Silvey, Scott & 

                                Heather Schroeder, Shirley Woods, Ben Woods, Bill Scrivani

John called the meeting to order at 6:05 PM.

Check-in and agenda review:


There were no corrections or additions to the agenda.  

The visitors introduced themselves to the board at John’s invitation.  Bill Scrivani offered his thanks to all the board members for "doing what needed to be done."

There were no corrections to the minutes of the June 27th meeting.  Motion by Robynn, second by Karen, to approve the minutes as presented, passed unanimously.

Motion by Pam, second by Robynn, to approve new owners 1359 through 1373, passed unanimously.  

Board election and candidate nominations:

Ruthie reported that two board pool members are present at the meeting.  Doug Speak-man is "solidly ready to go."  Ben Woods and Jacob Mingle are very busy at present with family and business affairs.  She spoke of the need for other candidates.  Discussion ensued; ideas presented included: advertising the election, a "board packet" containing duty descriptions / schedules / election facts, etc, having bios on all candidates, and a "meet the candidates" night.  Pam suggested forming a committee;  the idea was adopted and a "Board Candidates and Elections Committee" was formed on the spot.  Pam, Bill, Shirley and Doug volunteered for the committee.  Pam will be responsible for setting up meetings and preparing agendas.  Pam said work would begin immediately.

GM Monthly Update Report:                                                report attached

Garland distributed copies of the report and went through it point by point.  The quarter just ended was the first quarter that PNFC made a profit.  (applause)  He said, "I’ve turned around seven stores and this is the only store I really feel good about leaving in good hands. (applause)  We have reduced the cost of cleaning linens by $200 a month.  We are one of only two places in town selling tickets to the American River Festival, and we get $1000 for every one we sell."  He passed out a balance sheet showing cost / profit / loss.  He answered a number of questions from board members and from visitors.  

John thanked Garland for the review and discussion and gave the board’s best wishes, saying that he had been good for our organization.  

John addressed Brad, stating the board is open to discussions and suggestions, and encouraging him to provide feedback to the board.  Brad said that in his experience different boards have different visions of policy governance.  He said the board and the manager should operate with an adequate exchange of information.  He said he’d accepted the position in part because of the job Garland has done, and because the interview was open to dialogue.  Brad answered a number of questions from visitors.

Ruthie asked how be board feels about doing something to help with Brad’s moving expenses.  Brad said he wouldn’t be comfortable with the board fully covering this cost.  John suggested the board defer a decision on this until we have more information.

Policy Register Review:

There was vigorous discussion about the policy register.  Brad said he felt that words like "inadequate" need to be defined.  Garland suggested letting Brad use his own interpretation for now and see how it works.  John said he prefers to have board members participate in the review.  He suggested the table format be deleted and replaced with a narrative report.  Brad suggested letting him send suggestions to the board regarding policy revisions.  It was suggested that an ad hoc committee be formed to facilitate dialogue between Brad and the Board and that streamlining the policy review process could be made part of the retreat discussion.  John suggested the Board table the policy register review and take it up later.  There was consensus agreement.

Review Board Calendar:

The next meeting is scheduled for August 31st.  

A CBLD workshop is scheduled for Sept. 26th.  

There was discussion about the retreat.  Some felt it should be held in late October rather than September, but John pointed out this would conflict with the elections and annual meeting already scheduled.  John will confer with Todd Wallace to see if he can come in to facilitate the retreat on the second weekend in October.

Gleanings article:

Topics suggested included:  New manager, the need for four viable board candidates, planning for the annual election, and the annual meeting.  John asked everyone including visitors to send him suggestions for incorporation into the draft.


John reviewed the meeting, and went over topics for the next meeting.

Motion by Todd, second from Karen, to adjourn the meeting at 7:33.

There was a long and spontaneous standing ovation given to and accepted by a beaming Garland McQueen.