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Amon Millner CV
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Curriculum Vitae                              Amon Millner                                Spring 2024        

Amon D. Millner

1000 Olin Way, Milas Hall Room 258, Needham, MA 02492

       amon.millner [at]    ::    +1-781-292-2527   ::


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ph.D. Media Arts and Sciences, advisor: Dr. Mitchel Resnick


M.S. Media Arts and Sciences


Georgia Institute of Technology, M.S. Human Computer Interactions


University of Southern California, B.S. Computer Science



Olin College of Engineering

Senior Advisor to the President for Community Strategic Initiatives

2021 - present

Associate Professor of Computing and Innovation

2019 - present

Assistant Professor of Computing and Innovation

2015 - 2019

Visiting Assistant Professor of Computing Innovation

2012 - 2015

Computing Innovation Post-Doctoral Fellow

2010 - 2012

Tufts University

Mechanical Engineering Department Advisory Council member


Visiting Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering


Unruly Studios - A startup producing Splats - programmable light-up tiles

Founding Advisor, Professor of Unruliness (Dr. Splat)

2015 - present

Mighty Picnic - Producer of forthcoming PBS Kids show Lyla Loops

Curriculum Lead

2020 - present

MIT Media Lab

Research Affiliate / Visiting Scientist

2010 - 2020

The Clubhouse Network - Over 100 after-school centers across 19 countries

Board Chair

2020 - present

Board of Directors member

2018 - 2020

Modkit - Creators of blocks-based coding tools for Vex Robotics & more

Co-founder, Learning Lead

2010 - 2015

Learn 2 Teach, Teach 2 Learn Program at the South End Technology Center

An empowerment program hiring teens who teach ~700 peers per year

Advisor, Co-coordinator, Founding mentor


IBM TJ Watson Research Center

Collaborative User Experience Group Graduate Research Intern


Intel Corporation

ASIC Graduate Technical Intern



  1. “Programmable Electronic Floor Tiles” inventors: Leeming, B., Ozick, D., Millner, A. (patent pending)
  2. “Energy-Generating Scooter-Mounted Apparatus” inventors: Kaun, K., Pitter, A., Julio, S., Tiefel, S., Nwankwo, E., Andrade, L., Lye, L., Millner, A. Patent # US 9,755,481 (9/5/2017).
  3. “Identifying and Providing Physical Social Actions to a Social Networking System” inventors: Ryan, T., Huang, J., Booth, P., McKay, J., Moon, S., Seger M., Millner, A., Deng, P., Marra, C., Thompson, S., Marra, G. Patent # US 9,621,602 (4/11/2017)



  • Tech & Learning 2021 Award for Unruly Splats as the Best Remote & Blended Learning Tools


  • Mass Tech Leadership Council’s Digital Transformation in Education Award to Unruly Studios


  • BostInno 50 on Fire! Award to Unruly Studios        


  • Startup of the Year Top 15 finalist Unruly Studios                        


  • MAKE Editors’ Choice Award / Education Award at Maker Faire for Modkit , Unruly Studios, or Fab Lab related innovations

‘16, ‘11, ‘10, ‘08

  • Fulbright Specialist Roster Grantee


  • Computing Research Association Computing Innovation Fellow

2010 - 2012

  • MIT Center for Bits and Atoms Fellow

2004 - 2009

  • National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering & Science Fellow – GEM

2003 - 2008

  • Featured contribution “Make Skeeball-inspired Games Using Pizza Boxes, Party Favors, and a PC”


  • Intel (graduate) Fellow

2000 - 2003

  • Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society initiate, Nu Beta chapter


  • Order of Omega Honor Society initiate, Omega Phi chapter


  • Ronald E. McNair Scholar




Settings for Making

Hands-on Making via Interactive Exhibits and Demonstrations

Professional Development Workshops


Journal Articles

  1. Allen-Handy, A., Champion, D., Meloche, A., Millner, A., Miller, M., Wright., C., Dandridge, T., Likely, R., Gravel, B., & Tucker-Raymond, E. (In preparation). Black Girls Making Hip Hop within an Intersectional Computational and Dance Learning Ecology. ACM Transactions on Computing Education.
  2. Gravel, B. E., Millner, A., Tucker-Raymond, E., Olivares, M. C., & Wagh, A.* (2022). “Weebles wobble but they also commit to lifelong relationships”: Teachers’ transdisciplinary learning in computational play. International Journal of STEM Education.
  3. Champion, D.N., Tucker-Raymond, E., Millner, A., Gravel, B., Wright, C.G., Likely, R., Allen-Handy, A. and Dandridge, T.M., "(Designing for) learning computational STEM and arts integration in culturally sustaining learning ecologies", Information and Learning Sciences, Vol. 121 No. 9/10, pp. 785-804. (2020).
  4. Shaer, O., Millner, A., Hummels, C. “Trajectories in TEI: Reflecting on the Evolution of Ideas, Innovators, and Interactions.” ACM Interactions. XIX.6 November+December. 12-17 (2012).
  5. Resnick, M., Maloney, J., Monroy-Hernandez, A., Rusk, N., Eastmond, E., Brennan, K., Millner, A., Rosenbaum, E., Silver, J., Silverman, B., Kafai, Y. "Scratch: Programming for All." Communications of the ACM. 52(11). 60-67 (2009).

Conference Publications

  1. Gravel, B.E., Tucker-Raymond, E., Millner, A., Fair, S., & Alvarado, A. “They know, but they don’t know”: Expanding relationality through hip hop making. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association. San Diego, CA. (2022).
  2. Champion, D., Wright, C., Tucker-Raymond, E., Allen-Handy, A., Likely, R., Gravel, B., Millner, A. “Designing Hip Hop Ecologies for Learning: Relational Approaches to Computation.” Poster presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA). Virtual (2021).
  3. Champion, D., Tucker-Raymond, E., Wright, C. G., Millner, A. D., Gravel, B. E., Allen-Handy, A., Likely, R., & Dandridge, T. “Exploring computational making through the sounds of hip hop.” International Conference of the Learning Sciences. Virtual (2020).
  4. Gravel, B.E., Millner, A., Tucker-Raymond, E., Olivares, M.C., & Wagh, A. “Characterizing relationships between play and computation in computational making activities.” Annual Meeting of the American Education Research Association (AERA). San Francisco, CA / virtual. (2020).
  5. Wright, C.G., Champion, D., Tucker-Raymond, E., Gravel, B.E., Millner, A., Allen-Handy, A., Likely, R. “Using Culturally-Sustaining STEM+C Learning Environments to Explore Computational Learning & identity. Annual Meeting of the American Education Research Association (AERA). San Francisco, CA / virtual. (2020).
  6. Tucker-Raymond, E., Olivares, M., Millner, A., Gravel, B.E., Peruzzi, D., & Brown, L. Centering racialized identities in science classrooms to broaden participation. The National Association for Research on Science Teaching (NARST) Annual International Conference. Portland, OR / virtual. (2020).
  7. Gravel, B., Olivares, M., Tucker-Raymond, E., Wagh, A., Gouvea, E., Millner, A., Ren, A. “Teachers’ Emerging Disciplinary Questions in the Context of Computational Play.” National Association for Research in Science Teaching (NARST) Annual International Conference 2019. Baltimore, MD. (2019).
  8. Leeming, B., Dietch, M., Grody, P., Borsky, C., Coffman, B., Wei, J., Ozick, D., Millner, A. “Moving and Making: How JumpSmart Programmable Floor Tiles Promote the Active Side of Interactive Games.” Abstract at Scratch@MIT conference. Cambridge, MA. (2016).
  9. Baafi, E., Klimczak, S., Reisdorf, C., Millner, A. “ a Text-based Environment Inspired by the “when” hat from Scratch.” Poster at Scratch@MIT conference. Cambridge, MA. (2016).
  10. Dietch, M., Leeming, B., Millner, A. “JumpSmart: A Platform for Communal Making and Physical Engagement in Programming.” Demonstration/paper at the Constructionism 2016 conference. Bangkok, Thailand (2016).
  11. Millner, A. “Computer as Chalk: Supporting Youth as Designers of Tangible User Interfaces.” Proceedings of the Constructionism 2012 conference. Athens, Greece (2012).
  12. Millner, A., Baafi, E. “Modkit: Blending and Extending Approachable Platforms for Creating Computer Programs and Interactive Objects.” Proceedings of the 2011 ACM Interaction Design and Children conference. Ann Arbor, MI (2011).
  13. Baafi, E., Millner, A. “A Toolkit for Tinkering with Tangibles & Connecting Communities.” Proceedings of the 2011 ACM Tangible Embedded & Embodied Interaction conference. Madeira, Portugal (2011).
  14. Millner, A. “Supporting Children as They Program to Make Physical and Virtual Objects Interact.” Proceedings of the 2008 ACM Interaction Design and Children conference. Evanston, IL. 25-28 (2008).
  15. Barron, B., Kafai, Y., Josephs, D., Pinkard, N., Resnick, M., Martin, C., Schatz, C., Shapiro, B., Millner, A., Peppler, K., Chiu, G., and Desai, S. “Clubs, Homes, and Online Communities as Contexts for Engaging Youth in Technology Fluency Building Activities.” Symposium and proceedings published in the 2006 International Conference of the Learning Sciences, Bloomington, IN. 1022-1028 (2006).
  16. Zigelbaum, J., Millner, A., Desai, B. & Ishii, H. ”Bodybeats: Whole-body, Musical Interfaces for Children.” Work-in-progress/poster paper in Proceedings of the 2006 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI), Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 1595-1600 (2006).

Book Chapters and Encyclopedia Entries

  1. Millner, A., Baafi, E., Klimczak, S. Cultivating Community Change while Creating Construction Kits: Launching Scratch, Modkit, and L2TT2L.” Constructionism in Context. Editors Kafai, Y., and Holbert, N. MIT Press. Cambridge, MA (2020).
  2. Millner, A. “Fab Labs.” The SAGE Encyclopedia of Out-of-School Learning. Editor Peppler, K. Sage Publications, Inc. Thousand Oaks, CA (2017).
  3. Millner, A. “Interface Designs with Hook-ups.” The Computer Clubhouse: Constructionism and Creativity in Youth Communities. Kafai, Y. Peppler, K., Chapman, R., eds. Teachers College Press. New York, NY. 58-70 (2009).
  4. Millner, A., Daily, S. “Creating an Educational Ecosystem for Design, Personal Fabrication, and Invention.” Communities of Practice: Creating Learning Environments for Educators. Kimble, C. & Hildreth, P., eds. Information Age Publishing. Charlotte, NC, USA. 403-428 (2008).


  1. Millner, A. “Computer as Chalk: Cultivating and Sustaining Communities of Youth as Designers of Tangible User Interfaces.” Media Lab Ph.D. dissertation. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Cambridge, MA (2010).
  2. Millner, A. “Hook-ups: How Youth Learn Through Creating Physical Computer Interfaces.” Media Lab master’s thesis. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA (2005).

Refereed Workshops

  1. Millner, A. Busa, A., Leeming B. “Promoting Unruly Programming with Random Blocks and Physical Play.” Blocks and Beyond Workshop. IEEE Visual Languages / Human-Centered Computing Conference 2017. Raleigh, NC (2017).
  2. Millner, A., Huang, W., Corbett, C. “Creating Opportunities for Young Learners with Hearing Impairments to Program, Design, and Learn Language in New Ways.” Workshop on Designing for and with Children with Special Needs in Multiple Settings. ACM Interaction Design and Children Conference 2013. New York, NY (2013).
  3. Millner, A. “The Hook-ups Initiative: How Youth Can Learn by Creating Their Own Computer Interfaces and Programs.” SIGGROUP Bull., 24 (3), 85-89 (2005).


  • MathWorks support for the Mirror project, with Goenka, C., $58,000. January 2023.
  • Gift designated to support the Mirror project. Rogers Family Foundation. $100,000. November 2022.
  • Learn Together: Connecting Children’s Media And Learning Environments To Build Key Skills For Success (Technical Consultant to PBS Kids on Ready To Learn DOE Grant PR/Award # S295A200004) 2020 - 2025 (consulting fees from $20,066,050 / year award).
  • Collaborative Research: Using Culturally-sustaining STEM+C Learning Environments to Explore Computational Learning and Identity, 2019 - 2021 ($967,622) NSF DRL #1842278. (co-PI Millner, A. with co-PIs Wright, C., Allen-Handy, A., Gravel, B. et. al).
  • Collaborative Research: Integrating Computational Making Practices in STEM Teaching, 2017 - 2019 ($556,325) NSF DRL #1742091. (co-PI Millner, A. with co-PIs Gravel, B., Tucker-Raymond, E. et al.).
  • Ford Foundation, Tiny Grants, 2017 - 2019 $62K. (co-PI Millner, A., with co-PIs Taha, K., Linder, B. et al.).
  • Digital Design Trajectories, Autodesk, 2013 - 2015 ($50,000 and in-kind software).
  • littleBits construction kit and curricula expansion, littleBits, 2015 ($3,500 worth of bits and development kits).
  • Made-by Café Maker Space, The Simon Group, 2013 - 2015 (granted use of 1000 sq ft storefront and parking for maker-led entrepreneurial experiments).
  • Connecting and Catalyzing Innovation in K-16 Education: Invention/Innovation Convenings, The Lemelson Foundation (co-PI, with co-PI Brand, S.), 2014 ($94,250).
  • Seminar and Workshop series on Digital Fabrication Technologies and Additive Manufacturing Techniques, Fulbright Commission of Colombia, 2014 ($30,000).
  • Ready for Robotics: The Missing ‘T’ and ‘E’ of Early Childhood Education, National Science Foundation (Technical Consultant to PI Bers, M. on NSF DRL-1118897), 2011 - 2014 (consulting fees from $408,000 total award).
  • Computing Innovation Fellows Post-Doctoral Grant, Computing Research Association and National Science Foundation (subaward CIF-B-63 of NSF-1019343 with PI Stein, Lynn), 2010 - 2012, ($267,500).
  • Computer Programming Tools in Schools: Is Now the Time?, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, (Senior Research Personnel, with PIs Klopfer, E. and Reese, G. BAA09-07), 2011 – 2012 ($170,000).
  • The Learn 2 Teach, Teach 2 Learn program funding, various funding agencies such as the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the American Honda Foundation (with co-coordinators Klimczak, S., Baafi, E., King, M.), 2004 - 2012 ($10,000 to $75,000 per year).
  • Scratch & Share: Collaborating with Youth to Develop the Next Generation of Creative Software.”, MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Competition (special collaborator to Resnick, M.) 2010 – 2012 ($190,000).
  • Center for Bits and Atoms, National Science Foundation (Graduate Fellow on PI Gershenfeld, N. NSF CCR-0122419) 2001 - 2009 ($14,000,000).
  • [Scratch:] A Networked, Media-Rich Programming Environment to Enhance Informal Learning and Technological Fluency at Community Technology Centers, National Science Foundation  (Graduate Research Assistant to Resnick, M., Kafai, Y., and Maeda, J. on NSF TR-0325828), 2003 – 2008 ($2,000,000).

Advisory Roles for Funded Research

  • Facilitating Computational Tinkering: Design-Based Strategies to Engage Children and Families in Creating with Code, National Science Foundation (PI Rusk, N. on DRL#2005702) 2020-2023 ($652,667).
  • RCN: EquityMaking Network: Coordinating Research for Critical Making Cultures and Practices, National Science Foundation (PIs Olivares, M., Tucker-Raymond, E., Castek, J., Tan, E., and Graville, C. on DRL#2005898) 2020 - 2024 ($499, 985).
  • STEM Literacies, Learning, and Identities Through Cascading Models of Near-Peer Mentorship, National Science Foundation (PIs Tucker-Raymond, E., Olivares, M., Frankel, K. on DRL#2000511) 2020-2023 ($757,388).
  • Using Conversational Agents to Foster Preschool Children's Science Learning and Engagement from Interactive Science Videos, National Science Foundation (PIs Warschauer, M. DeWitt, S., Bustamante, A., Jenkins, A. On DRL#1906321) 2019-2022 ($300,000.00).
  • Design Squad Maker: Researching How to Support Upper Elementary School Children's Sustained Engagement and Participation in Engineering Design Projects across Out-of-School Settings (Digital, Maker/Museum, Home), National Science Foundation (PIs Haggerty, M., Wolsky, M., Latimore, S., Wells, D., Letourneau, S. on AISL 1811457)
  • 2018 - 2021 ($1,799,130).
  • Investigating STEM Literacies in Maker Spaces, National Science Foundation (PIs Tucker-Raymond, E. and Gravel, B. on DRL 1422532) 2014-2017 ($978,000).
  • Bits-2-Bites: Youth Applying STEM Content and Computational Thinking to Learn about Nutrition and Advocate for Food Justice, National Science Foundation (PI Anderson, K. on DRL 1312282), 2014 - 2017 ($1,200,000).
  • Strategies: Bridging Math Literacy and Digital Media Creation: Students as Learners, Teachers, and Leaders of STEM Content, National Science Foundation (PI Milner, C. on ITEST Award-1031633) 2011 - 2014 ($351,000).



Invited Talks and Podcasts

  1. “Increasing Pathways for All People to Develop and Reap the Benefits of Technology.” Video lecture recorded for the Duke University Initiative for Science & Society and the Duke Center for Computational Thinking Digital Intelligence (DQ) series. September 2022.
  2. "Playfully Mixing Performing Arts with Computer Code" Interview by Sara Hendren for the Sketch Model Podcast Series. September 2022.
  3. “From Frederick Douglass to Facebook.” Self Enhancement Inc Summer School students and staff kickoff address. Portland, OR. June 2022.
  4. “Celebrating Black STEM Education Researchers with Dr Amon Millner” Podcast with Explorations in Diversifying Engineering Faculty Initiative (EDEFI) group. April 2022.
  5. “Sketching in Cartoons.” Sketching in Hardware Conference. Virtual. October 2021.
  6. “Thinking about Hair and Skin in Cartoons, Commercials, and  Computer Vision Systems.” PBS Kids and CPB Ready To Learn Meeting. May 2021.
  7. "The Arc of The Innovators' Compass - from Promoting Youth Invention to Designing for Social Justice." with Ben-Ur, E. Tufts University ME Colloquium. Virtual. April 2021.
  8. “Bringing Politics and Power into Computing Education.” For the “Flattening Hierarchies and Collaborating with Communities in Computer Science Education” Symposium at the Connected Learning Summit. Virtual. July 2021.
  9. “How to Increase Engagement through Playful Teaching.” Computer Using Educators (CUE) Spring Conference. March 2021.
  10. “What it Means to Move the Crowd.” New England Learning Scientists - virtual. December 2020.
  11. “Opening Doors to and through Code.” Sketching in Hardware. Detroit, MI. September 2019.
  12. “Unruly Approaches to Empowerment, Play, and Programming.” Eyeo Festival. Minneapolis, MN. June 2019.
  13. “Integrating Maker Spaces and Higher Education.” Keynote presentation at Harvard / LASPAU STEM+Humanities Consortium. Sao Paulo Brazil. May 2019.
  14. “Infusing Hip-Hop Elements into the Design of Physical Computing Experiences.” Sketching in Hardware. Detroit, MI. July 2018.
  15. “Mel King Influences on Learning and Making.” Mel King Festschrift. Cambridge, MA. June 2018.
  16. “Five Things to Try as you Shape your Story in STEM.” Emoti-Con keynote. New York, NY. June 2018.
  17. “Cutting, Computing, and Community Development as Complementary Activities.” Design Squad Global Summit for Informal Educators keynote. Boston, MA. February 2018.
  18. “How to Make Room for All to Make.” Haystack Mountain School of Craft Summer Conference. Deer Isle, ME. July 2017.
  19. “From Building Blocks to Bits: Stories of Creativity from Kindergarten through College.” Innovation, Creativity and the Entrepreneurial Mindset course, Union College, Schenectady, NY. May 2017.
  20. “Learning to Love Testing Your Ideas.” Digital Promise FilmMaker webinar series, January 2017.
  21. “Disrupting: Social Justice & Inclusion using the Arts, Design Thinking, and Entrepreneurship.” Babson College Re-imagine Inclusion series, Wellesley, MA. November 2016.
  22. “Moving and Making: How JumpSmart Programmable Floor Tiles Promote the Active Side of Interactive Games.” Scratch@MIT. Cambridge, MA. August 2016.
  23. Innovation Showcase interview on Newton’s NewTV station. Newton, MA. October 2015.
  24. “Finding what you Love; Leaving behind Labels.” TEDxBeaconStreet (Youth), Brookline, MA. November 2015.
  25. “Fab Youth Reproducing Results, Remixing Examples, and Reaching Out.” How to Make Almost Anything Symposium at FAB 11, Boston, MA. August 2015.
  26. “Bits and Blocks out of the Media Lab.” Bits of Wisdom talk series at littleBits, NY, NY. April 2015.
  27. “The Role of Rapid Prototyping in Creating a Culture of Making, Innovating, and Inventing,” Universidad Autonomo de Occidente School of Engineering, Cali, Colombia. May 2014.
  28. “Everyday Things + Technology to Foster Innovation for All,” Harvard University School of Engineering and Applied Science, Cambridge, MA. September 2013.
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  34. "All-Around Engineering," Technology and Culture Seminar Series at Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, Needham, MA. November 2010.
  35. "FabFolk," Building Community Session at International Fab Lab Conference, The Netherlands. August 2010.
  36. "Reimagining Scratch, Reimagining Learning," Keynote address with Resnick, M., Brennan, K., and Monroy-Hernandez, A., Scratch@MIT Conference, Cambridge, MA. August 2010.
  37. "Young People Developing as 'Hook-ups' Designers: Transforming Trash into Interactive Experiences by Hooking up Physical and Digital Media," Center for Engineering, Education, and Outreach Seminar Series at Tufts University, Medford, MA. February 2010.
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  42. “Learning In and From Fab Labs,” Symposium on Digital Fabrication, Tromso, Norway. August 2005.


  1. “Colleges, Companies, and Community Organizations Collaborating to Elevate All” panel with Coleman, J., and DesPortes, K. Connected Learning Summit. Virtual. October 2023.
  2. “Tech for Equity: Reducing Societal Issues and Empowering Marginalized Communities” panel with Walker-Hannon, L., Gilliam, R. Black Is Tech. Virtual. August 2023.
  3. “Making in Afrocentric Learning Ecologies” panel with Champion, D., Tucker-Raymond, E., Wright, C., Gravel, B., and Allen-Handy, A. American Educational Research Association (AERA). Chicago, IL April 2023.
  4. “Community Investments” panel with Beard, K., Stringfellow, E., and Thompson, D., at National Academies Roundtable on Black Men and Black Women in Science, Engineering, and Medicine. Virtual. September 2022.
  5. “Careers in STEM” panel for Prospect Hill Academy students and families. Virtual. March 2022.
  6. “The Future of Creative Teams,” panel with Gross, M., Borogove, M. HCI Future of Work and Wellbeing Summit. Virtual. June 2021.
  7. Design/Ecological Findings--Designing and Learning in Culturally Sustaining Spaces through Hip Hop, STEM, and Computing.” panel with Tucker-Raymond, E., and Champion, D. Science Education for Equity, Diversity, and Social Justice (SEEDS) Annual Conference. January 2021.
  8. “Making and Hip Hop.” Panel for FabLearn Conference with Champion, D., Dando, M., De La Cruz, S., Edwards, D., and Rowsey, J. Virtual. October 2020.
  9. “Making XR a Reality for Teaching Culturally-Relevant STEAM Concepts” Panel moderated by Cheeks, L. with Oyekoya, W., and Aning, K. at ACM SIGGRAPH - virtual. August 2020.
  10. “Designing and Implementing Hands-on STEM Learning Experiences—Implications for Computing and Technology.” Panel moderated by Gilbert, J. with Peppler, K., Brahms, L., & Cheeks, L., at The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine workshop on “The Role of Authentic STEM Learning Experiences in Developing Interest and Competencies for Technology and Computing.” Washington, DC. November 2019.
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  15. “Urban Manufacturing and Academic Institutions.” At the Urban Manufacturing Alliance Somerville Gathering. Somerville, MA. May 2017.
  16. Creative Computation panel moderated by King, E., at The Make Education Forum. Queens, NY. September 2016.
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  32. “Informal Introduction to Computing for Children.” With Schanzer, E., Slater, D., Garber, R., Monroy-Hernandez, A., & Silver, J., Informatics, Mathematics, and ICT conference, Boston, MA. June 2007.


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