Writing Checklist

___ 4 Headings in the top left-hand corner (your name, my name, class, date)

___ Title - no bold, no italics, no underline

___ Double spaced

___ Times New Roman 12 point font - black font

___ Italicize thesis statement in first paragraph

___ In-text citations where appropriate.  More than likely you will need a minimum of one in-text citation toward the end of each paragraph - not after the last sentence.

___ Work Cited page titled Work Cited

___ Hanging indentation on your Work Cited page

___ Citations on Work Cited page in alphabetical order

___ 3 WOTD words

___ Eliminate excessive words - that, very

___ No “got” or “get”

___ No “things”

___ No “is because” statements

___ No “I think” statements

___ Minimum of 4 sentences per paragraph

___ Submit paper to Turnitin.com

___ Peer Edit