OSM Foundation Management Team meeting

19th November 2013, 20:00 - 20:57 GMT


- Final -


Present: Dermot, Andy, Michael, Harry (20:20)


Apologies: Paul, Henk, Harry (hopes to join at around 20:30)

Agenda and Minutes

Minutes of previous meeting

Oct 15

Proposed: Harry

Seconded: Michael


Open Action Items

20130423-01        Harry Interviews need turning into blog(s). Invitation has been send out to Paul.


20130723-02        Mike to check status of legal counsel about having requests openly published. [done, response rxd, see LWG report]

20130723-03        Mike (and Paul) to do expand on DMCA document and blocking text (mostly [done, awaiting status on publishing requests before asking board to formally endorse]


20130723-03        Harry closed the donation drive (done) ...just need the donate.openstreetmap.org site to be tweaked

20131015-04          Dermot SWG as a test for formal procedure for setting up a WG

20131015-05          Mike Develop the spreadsheet and advise WG representatives so that they can get their entries in by 19th November (our next meeting).

                [Done but late]

Highlights Current Status Working Groups









2014 Budget Process

Spreadsheet now with WGs for input. Discussed making it public. Generally in favour.

Management Team Resolutions Via Email

In order to react in a timely fashion and to remove the load from our formal meetings, we resolve to adopt circular email resolutions as follows:

So resolved.

For future consideration.  We discussed a mechanism whereby “no brainer” decisions that have no dissent or disagreement can be quickly carried through.  The time being fair to all balanced against time waster being unable to do anything.  Such as, the

Mapper ban for threatening behaviour

The following text is our formalised position from an email exchange. Text in colour shows additions or changes made after the email discussion.

The user, "Mr. Massri" believes that mapping military areas is illegal and, encountering disagreement on the forum from his fellow mappers, gave an ultimatum for another user to remove the data, saying "If you are not doing this until next saturday (16/11/2013) I'll convey the police your details."

The MT feel this is aggressive and threatening behaviour which does not meet the "be respectful" standard of our (draft) code of conduct. It appears "Mr. Massri" cares deeply about this issue, but it does not excuse the attempt at coercing a fellow mapper. If he is unwilling to retract his threat and cooperate in looking for a solution to the underlying problem (which would certainly take longer than the deadline given in his ultimatum), then we believe that his presence in our community is no longer welcome.

The underlying problem of whether the mapping of military areas in Israel is illegal or not is something which should be looked into, at least for understanding, and we hope LWG will proceed with it regardless of whatever action needs to be taken against this user.

Proposed Contributor Ban Policy

Paul Norman proposes formally passing the following contributor ban policy. The policy has been previously endorsed by the DWG.


The MT statutes call for us to PASS, REJECT, FORWARD, or DROP the policy proposal.

PASS +4, no one against, no abstentions.

We discussed the question of why/whether DWG should feel empowered to create a policy without MT approval. And further discussion around community code of conduct.

Proposed Future Working Group (Dermot)

Adjourned until a future meeting.



Next meeting

December 17th  2013, 20:00 GMT/UK, 21:00 CET (both US and Europe on winter time)

Meeting End

Meeting ended at 20:57 GMT