The most important thing is NO GREIFING

The ‘OFFICIAL’ rules page is:

I just created this page to give a summary (mostly tips either I have given or have seen given to new players on the server).

To get started you will want your ‘starter kit’. To do so, type: /kit

That will give you your golden shovel, stick, a chest, and a few other things.

Where you initially place your chest will become your first claim (a 10x10 area), provided no one else has already claimed it. In your ‘claim’ area, by default, no one except you can break things or open your chests (ie. greifing protection).

You can use the stick by right clicking on anything to see who (if anyone) it belongs to.

The golden shovel is a ‘claim tool’. With it you can either extend your claim or create a new (additional) claim. Just right click on a block to signal where you want your claim to start (ie. one corner) and then right click on another block to indicate where you want your claim to end ( a) it must be at least 10x10, and b) you can always extend the area).

Note: You gain ‘claim rights’ by being on the server (just put your golden shovel in your hand to see how many claim blocks you currently have. It updates about once an hour, but only when you’re online).

The know more I suggest two places...

1) The Minecraft Me episode #43 ( or on youtube at:

2) The GeekGamer fourms ( ).

        ccooking has a good thread on the forms about grief protection.,257.0.html

Tip: As you will probably have noticed, around spawn is rather crowded. To find unclaimed areas, it’s usually best to go about 1500 blocks from spawn.