iPad Lock Screen Requirements using TurboCollage

1.  Using the camera feature of your iPad collect 2-3 pictures of yourself.  

        •  2 pictures that can include you and friends

        •  1 picture that prominently features you in a head and shoulder shot facing the camera

2.  Download the “Property of Image for iPad” image from the iPad Lock Screen Requirements which can be found under the Students/Parents tab on the school’s home page at www.isd578.org.  You can do this by holding your finger on the image and then tapping on the “Save Image” option when it appears.  This will place the image in your Photo Library.

3.  Once all pictures are in your Photo Library, open TurboCollage.

4.  Tap on the camera image in the top menu bar and choose “From Photo Library” then choose “Camera Roll”.  There you will see small thumbnail images that are in your photo library.

5.  Choose the 5images (1 must be of you, 1 must be of Property of Pine City Public Schools, and 2 of friends/interests) for your photo collage by tapping on them.  A check mark will appear on the image.  If you make an error in your selection tap again and the check mark will disappear.  

6.  Once all are selected, tap on done. Once all photos have been added let them fall onto your collage then go to the image at the top that looks like a stack of photos it is third from the left on the menu bar.  Tap on it and choose PILE.  Now organize your photos by dragging them around.  Sometimes aligning it in the center third of the image is best.  It takes a light touch to resize and move images using the crosshairs.

7.  Once you are happy with the selection tap on the ABC in the lower right hand corner, delete “new text” and enter your name and current grade level also put your schedule in. Choose a font style and color that are easily read over your collage.  You can move the text box anywhere within the collage - not on the background wood portion as that will not show.

8.  Now adjust the size by tapping on the wrench at the bottom and choosing, select size, 7 x 5 - this is a good size for an iPad screen.

9.  Seek teacher approval.

10.  To save click on the action arrow on the top right and save it to your photo library.

11.  Finally go to your photo library, open the collage and click on the action button in the top right (arrow).  Tap on “Use as Wallpaper” and then choose “Set Lock Screen”.  It is required that this image be used for your lock screen.  In another course, you will learn how to set your passcode.

**If you need help with this, please stop in the Media Center.  Mrs. Allen or Ms. Fedder can help.**