This screen is used to tell the system which data you want selected in situations such as creating labels and exporting data, or filtering a report to only run on a subset of your participants.

Data Selection Criteria

This list box shows what selection criteria has already been specified.  If there is no selection criteria, the message "Select All" will appear.


This drop-down box will display a list of all possible criteria for data selection.  When an item is chosen, you will be asked to qualify the selection, usually based on a lower and upper data limit.  For optional data fields where you have specified the data be represented in upper case, the selection criteria will also default to upper case.


Once a specific set of data selection criteria is set, you can save the settings for retrieval the next time you want to do the same exact data selection.  Once you select this option, you will be asked to provide a numeric code to identify the specific setting shown on the screen.  Up to 99 different sets of data selection criteria can be stored.

Saved Criteria

This drop-down box will display a list of all the previously stored sets of data selection criteria.  Once one is selected, the previously stored criteria will be restored..


If you have a set of saved data selection criteria from another race that you want imported into this race, use this option.  The set of data selection criteria imported from another race will completely replace any existing data selection criteria for the current race.