The Getaway Dog

In , 2008 there was a big earthquake that struck Italiano and it was 9.0 magnitude and it lasted for 5 hours.Hour 1 the buildings were shaking the cars were crashing animals were going crazy.Hour 2 the sirens went off everybody was shouting “there's a tsunami coming there’s a tsunami coming.”

Hour 3 the buildings started to fall over cars were getting swept into the fast current of the tsunami people started to scream and try to get up high but the people that can’t are starting to die already 5,500 people have died.Hour 4 lots of the humans were dying there weren’t much humans left same with animals all the animals were scared lots of them were silly and just got swept away.

hour 5 (the last hour) everything and everyone was dead except for one.One brave Fox Terrier he was at the highest hill after the earthquake and tsunami stopped he went to see if anyone was alive but nowone was alive.THE END.