Step 1: The Foundation

All characters are human and begin with one free Edge.

Step 2: Traits

Traits are broken down into two categories: Attributes, which define who you are (Strength, Agility, Smarts, and so on), and Skills, which define what you know and how well you do things (Driving, Streetwise, and so on).  Carefully select those that fit your overall character concept.  While it might be nice to be a terrific fighter, that may not be the best approach when creating your scholarly philosopher.  


Your character begins with d4 in each of the five basic attributes: Agility, Smarts, Spirit, Strength, and Vigor.  Distribute 5 points among them in any way you wish.  Raising an attribute one die type costs 1 point, and you may not raise any attribute above d12.


Next, distribute 15 points among your character’s skills.  Raising a skill one die type costs 1 point as long as it is no higher than the linked attribute.  Raising a skill above its linked attribute costs 2 points.

Derived Statistics

Pace is 6”.

Parry is equal to 2 plus half your fighting.

Charisma is a combination of your character’s appearance, manner, and general likeability.  It is added to Persuasion and Streetwise rolls.  The GM also uses it to see how NPCs react to you.  Your Charisma modifier is +0 unless changed by Edges and Hindrances.

Toughness is equal to 2 plus half your Vigor.

Sanity is equal to 2 plus half your Spirit mins Corruption.  This is your character’s mental toughness.


This attribute tracks the dark toll that continued contact and knowledge of the unspeakable exacts from the soul of every man.  It begins at 0 and increases by 1 for each die type increase of Knowledge (Mythos).


Now decide if you want any Hindrances.  If so, you may use them to gain one of the benefits below.  You may take up to four points of Hindrances in any combination of Major (worth two points) and Minor (worth 1 point each).

For 2 Hindrance Points you can:

For 1 Hindrance Point you can:

You can take more than four points of Hindrances, but take no additional benefits.  However, if you roleplay your Hindrances particularly well or to the amusement of the Gods, the Fates may reward you with extra Bennies and or Experience Points.

Step 4: Gear

There is no need to buy Gear.  The GM will rule whether or not it is appropriate that you have a particular item, considering your status and the situation.  It is unlikely you will carry our Gladius in the baths, but you may be able to put your hands on a handy fruit knife.