Mango Languages


LOGO.png        1. Go to

 logo   2. Click on “Learn a Language with MANGO” found in the menu bar on the left of the library’s website.

 logo    3. Click on the blue link provided on the Pioneer Library System’s page.

4. Sign up for a free account.  Enter your name, email and password.  Make sure you can remember all this information so you will be able to access your account again in the future.

5. There are now 71 languages to choose from in the database.  You can see all of the choices if you click on: “All Languages” in the menu bar going across the page.

6. Choose the language you would like to learn.  Click on it.

7. Choose “Mango Conversations” by clicking on it and begin your language learning adventure (it may take a minute to load your lesson).  This lesson will involve listening to short sentences being spoken aloud while seeing the text on the computer screen.  You will then repeat them and be told what they mean.  You also will be challenged to remember what the sentences mean.

8. If you would rather watch, listen and learn by watching videoed conversations, you may choose one of the other choice boxes shown on the screen.  You may choose to watch the conversation ensue with no interruptions and try to use contextual clues to figure out what is being communicated (movie mode).  Or, you might choose the “engage mode.”  This mode offers interactivity.

9.  Subtitles are available.  You may view English subtitles, subtitles of the foreign language you are choosing, or both.  

10.  Mango will explain your options while viewing the video lesson.

Image result for have fun and enjoy learning