a. Articles of Confederation

b. Wilderness Road

c. Northwest Ordinance

d. Shay’s Rebellion

e. It was weak

______ 1. It resulted from high taxes.

______ 2. It created a national government.

______ 3. It allowed for western lands to be divided into townships.

______ 4. It helped to settle Kentucky.

______ 5.This is the reason the Articles of Confederation were replaced

______ 6. The Constitutional Convention was held in

a. 1785.    b. 1787.    c. 1789.     d. 1791.

______ 7. Which delegate to the Constitutional Convention is known as the Father

of the Constitution?

a. George Washington

b. Thomas Jefferson

c. John Adams

d. James Madison

______ 8. Which of the following provided the basic framework for the national


a. the Virginia Plan

b. the New Jersey Plan

c. the Articles of Confederation

d. the Three-Fifths Compromise

______ 9. The smaller states wanted to base the national government on the

a. Virginia Plan.

b. New Jersey Plan.

c. Articles of Confederation.

d. Three-Fifths Compromise.

______ 10. Which of the following decided how slaves would be counted in figuring

a stateís population?

a. the Virginia Plan

b. the New Jersey Plan

c. the Great Compromise

d. the Three-Fifths Compromise A