World of Warcraft

Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton

Featured Forger: Kaleb Land


The Old Gods, called Shath’Yar in their own horrid tongue, are eldritch horrors from the void itself. Among the four we know of to come to Azeroth, C’thun came to corrupt the sleeping titan world-soul of the planet, attaching itself and festering like a cancer. Though, in time, benevolent beings came to stop them, it was too late to truly prevent their leaching, the old gods having dug so deep and attached themselves so strongly that killing them meant killing Azeroth itself.

After war played its course, C’thun was contained within Ahn’Qiraj. In time, it was awoken by the arrival of the dragons and foolhardy adventurers and was slain by their very hands, its eye delivered to the red dragon Caelestrasz.

Kaleb L.’s Choices

Click here to see Kaleb’s awesome C’thun Build!

Jeff’s Choices



Trait- “Eye for an Eye.”

With C’thun taking over the core it's important that the presence of this hero is still felt on the battlefield. This trait takes on an aspect of C’thun card in hearthstone. Each time a friendly player secures a kill of an enemy hero they will be able to give the C’Thun player a stack of Eye for an Eye. These stacks increase until the C’thun player activates this trait and uses all the stacks to send out damage dealing orbs from the core. The number of orbs released from the core is determined by the amount of stacks that are used. These orbs travel fast across the battlefield and hit their targets dealing damage. (damage is spread across all heroes on the battlefield.) C’Thun would be an specialist that also has the ability to deal large amounts of damage to the enemy.

Mount-  No Mount (Takes over the Core)

Q- “Eye Tentacle”

Similar to the C’thun encounter in WoW C’thun is able to summon a tentacle to the battlefield that will remain stationary and act like Tychus’s laser heroic does. The eye will shoot a beam at the closest target (mercenary, minion or hero) and continue to do damage to it until its is destroyed or the timer runs out. The cooldown for this ability would be setup so that there could only be one tentacle on the battlefield at a time. It can be talented into later in the game to allow the player to place more than one tentacle, add slowing properties, or even DOT to the tentacles.

W- “Abandon”

The C’thun player can select a mercenary camp on the battlefield to entangle with its tentacles. This camp will not be able to attack and will also take small amounts of ticking damage during the duration of this ability. These tentacles can be destroyed by the enemy team and also count as the presence of a hero during the capture of a camp.

E- “Core Drain” Featured Forger Ability

Start draining your life (will slowly kill you (The Core) making your team lose) and give all your team double their stats every 30 secs (It will take 10 of these abilities to completely drain the core)

Heroic 1- “Death is close...”

This ability allows the C’Thun player to reveal the location of ALL the enemy heroes on the battlefield for a short amount of time. Unlike the ability that Zul’jin has- this does not require any prerequisites to make happen, and there is no visual indicator for the enemy team that they have been revealed. This can be used to help setup ambushes or allow the friendly team to push a lane while they know the location of the enemy team. This would be on a very short cooldown and could be used often.

Heroic 2- “”

This is a global fear for all heroes on the battlefield. When activated all heroes will be feared and run in random directions for a short amount of time. Useful? Maybe...

Specialty Skin

        “Barad-dûr” the dark tower from Lord of the Rings


         The pyramid on the 1 dollar US bill.” “In C’thun We Trust”

Dance: Bellagio Fountains… but with tentacles.

Kristen’s Choices






Madness Manifest

Hidden away in hopes of being forgotten, C’thun bursts from the very core that was to be his prison for all eternity. From this seat of power, C’thun plays with enemies like the puppets they are.




Thrashing Tentacles

Summon a tentacle that deals damage in an area around it. If an enemy remains within a tentacle’s range long enough to accrue three stacks of damage, they are then grabbed and held until they either kill the tentacle or are killed. This ability has three stacks.


Mindless Men - Featured Forger Ability

Make a random hero on both teams go insane (attacking anyone and anything they meet) till death.


Gibbering Gap

Below an enemy Hero, a mouth opens on the ground, swallowing them whole, into the stomach of the beast. While eaten, they take damage over time and are released after a few seconds. When spat out, they come out with poison damage applied.


Accursed Acid

Erupting from the ground, a giant mouth begins spewing vile green stomach acid on the entire enemy team, coating them in a heavy poison damage over time and slowing all covered in it. This shower continues for the duration of the ability, stacking up to five times if enemy players are not able to move away in time.


        Tenebrous Team

Using the power of the old gods, C’thun cloaks his team in madness. Though they can be seen, any enemy that faces them begins to go insane the longer they face their opponent. When insane, the enemy player does less damage and attacks slower while having their mana drained. This stacks up to five times, eventually halting them in place and rendering them useless.


        Puzzle Box

Clicks into place when game starts. Instead of tentacles, it spawns Cenobites


        Mario 64 Spin

It wouldn’t dance, but other Heroes could get the eye to follow them around in a circle around the core, making it dizzy with “dance” is activated.