FoxTALE: Add a Library Resources Block

Add a block to your FoxTALE course home page that shows links to the library and librarian contacts and a link to your course research guide, if one exists.

To add the library block to your FoxTALE course:

  1. From your FoxTALE course home page, go the administration block and select turn editing on.

Turn editing on in the administration block in clean theme. Turn editing on in the administration block in boost theme.

  1. In the Add a block.... block, select Library Resources.  The course home page will refresh and show the Library Resources block.
  2. You may use the up-down arrow icon to move the Library Resources block to the left or right column location of your choice.

How the Block Will Look

The screenshots on the next page show how the block will look; it will vary by FoxTALE theme (color scheme).  The block on the left includes a link to your course research guide (libguide); the block on the right does not include a link to a course research guide.  Visit the LibGuides and Embedded Librarians page on the library website to learn more and to request a course research guide.

With a research guide

Library resources block with a research guide.

Without a research guideLibrary resources block without a research guide.    503.554.2569                                                Rev 0    09/04/2012