Lisianthus Rules & Regulations

as of February 22, 2017 (Version 1.3)


Welcome to Lisianthus! In order to encourage a safe and enjoyable roleplay experience for all our players, the Lisianthus Administration Staff has detailed some general sim rules that all sim participants must abide by in order to play here. Failure to abide by any of the rules could result in discussion with a Staff member, and further rule breakages could result in a warning, suspension or, in the worst case scenario, a banning. We don't want to have to enforce discipline on anyone as it is our firm belief that karma, or what goes around comes around, will catch up for everyone, but certain situations will certainly warrant action on our end of things. A person's actions, whether good or bad, will often have consequences for that person, even more so worse than our disciplinary measures. So to that effect, just be nice and play nice with your fellow players. If at any time you or another have a problem with a situation or a player, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also send us an anonymous notecard in world detailing your situation if you would rather not give out your name.

In the unfortunate event that a rule or rules have been broken, the Staff will attempt to coach and work with the player as much as possible. There is flexibility involved based on the severity of the rule broken. We are tolerant and understand players make mistakes; we’ve made them ourselves. If a consequence is deemed necessary, the following options will be considered depending on the severity of the situation:

1.     Consultation

2.     Warning

3.     3 day suspension

4.     10 day suspension

5.     30 day suspension

6.     Permanent banning from the sim

The decision to enact a warning or suspension on a player will come from the Sim Owner and Staff, and any feedback or criticism on the decision should be followed directly to the Staff.

This section will periodically be updated to reflect any rule changes, additions and deletions. Public notices will be provided when changes are made.


1.  TERM OF SERVICE COMPLIANCE. Any breach of the OpenSim or Kitely terms of service is also a breach of Sim rules. This includes, for example, harassment, scamming and griefing.

2.  SCRIPTS & MEMORY LIMITS. Players should strive to keep their script and memory usage numbers low whenever possible.

3.  VISITORS & OBSERVERS. All visitors and players are welcome to observe Lisianthus in action at any time, provided they are wearing an Observer Tag. Observers are not allowed to interrupt ongoing roleplay sessions or to chat in local chat. Observers may contact players in private IMs to ask questions, but not to solicit or harass. Griefers who violate our hospitality will be ejected accordingly. Repeat offenders will be banned.


4.  FLYING. Flying should only be done by aerial creatures or if you are OOC (out-of-character).

5.  ROLEPLAY & CONSENT. Remember that roleplay should be done in local chat and not in group chat to prevent metagaming. Exceptions can be made for comical occasions. Sexual roleplay can be done in local or in private IMs, but only in adult-oriented locations. Business owners and staff are permitted to indicate they are staffing a particular business by issuing a message in group chat. Also please remember that you cannot break into a headquarters without consent first. IC actions often have IC consequences. Please respect all limits and never force your roleplay actions onto another player without leaving them an option to exit out, especially situations that involved the possibility of death.

6.  IC/OOC CHAT/GROUP CHAT. Out-of-Character (OOC) Chat is okay in the right circumstance, but please try to limit it when possible. Players should remain in-character at all times while in role play sections of the sim. The use of gestures within the IC area is prohibited, except in some circumstances, like applause/booing for an IC event, screaming when under attack, or other emotional displays. When in group chat, please try to keep your chat PG-13 whenever possible. Excessive cursing and profane language will not be tolerated and could result in a warning. Please do not bring drama into the chat whenever possible. Please do not provide links to adult material. We do not have an “adult” chat group. If a situation arises where you have a problem, please speak to a member of Staff.


7.  AFK MODE. Since there are not normally many people on sim, it's usually okay for you to go away from your computer. However, in cases where there is active roleplaying going on, it's advisable to teleport yourself to a quieter area or to the arrival lobby. Additionally you can simply wear an AFK tag over your head. This is so that people know you may be unavailable for roleplay.

8. ADULT SCENES & NUDITY. Lisianthus is an moderate-rated sim and allows for blood, violence, death, strong language, sexual activity, and nudity (in designated areas). Sexual adult scenes should be taken to private IM and kept to private residences or a brothel. Nudity on the sim should be in designated areas and in good taste (a heads-up is appreciated but not needed) and when children are NOT present.

9. CHILD AVATARS. If you roleplay a child avatar then you should NOT engage in any ageplay. "Age Play" is defined as any type of sexual behavior that involves a child avatar. Any child avatars found to be engaging in any explicit and sexual situations will be banned, as will their adult avatar partners. No exceptions. If you are roleplaying a child avatar, please act your age while in-character. Child nudity is not permitted.

10.  PRIVACY. Please respect the privacy of in-character rentals. Do not enter a player’s home unless you have obtained their permission beforehand. Use common sense for more intimate and private scenes you may come across.

11.  REZZING RIGHTS. Players may rez objects/props for a roleplay scene/event, but they should be picked up at the conclusion of the scene/event, unless special permission has been obtained for longer. Please be attentive of how many prims you put down as we are limited on sim. For large events, get a heads up from the Staff first.

12.  DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS. We try to resort all conflicts professionally but understand there are simply some situations where this cannot be possible. In the end, the admin team's word is final judgement. We're not perfect, but someone has to make the decision. In most cases, a first time offense is simply a warning. A second time offense is also a warning and perhaps some consultation. Additional strikes may result in a temporary or even permanent banishment from the sim depending on the infraction. In worse cases, bans will be issued as a last resort when all other options have been extinguished.


1. CHARACTER GENERATION OVERVIEW.  You are free to create almost any character you like, with some exceptions (as noted in later rules). We strongly recommend that you utilize the character application sheet on the website and adapt it to the FATE system, however this is not an absolute requirement. When crafting your character, try not to make him/her indestructible.

2.     AVATAR AGE. Avatars may be any age to enter and roleplay in Lisianthus. If you roleplay a child, you will need to act like one.


3.  HISTORICAL CHARACTERS.  You may not play a historical character that is well known in real life or has come from a media outlet (television, movies, books, etc.). Your character must be original, but it can be based off someone that you admire.


  1. Due to the limited availability of attire and accessories in OpenSim, it’s understood that you may not have the most fitting attire. Regardless, whenever possible,  Residents should strive to wear clothing that was realistically worn between the years of 500-1800 CE/AD.
  2. Try to craft your character as he/she should appear in roleplay.

5.     WEAPONS & ARMOR. Only weapons and armors originating before the year 1800 CE/AD are permitted. Short ranged firearms and cannons are permitted in certain situations through regulation, and while they are more powerful than non-gunpowder weaponry, they will acquire a penalty of sorts through additional prep needed in roleplay posts or through the FATE system.


6.     NUMBER OF CHARACTERS / NPCs (Non-Player Characters). Since Lisianthus is just starting out, we do not currently have limits on the number of roleplay characters one can have. While players may have two or more characters on at the same time, they should not metagame using them whenever possible. Please utilize common sense. Be sure to keep your characters updated as well as possible. Alternate characters must look distinct from the main character, even if they are siblings. There must be a visual difference between the two, other than clothing, that is meaningful and obvious to other players. Twin siblings may not be played on the same account, so that they can be played simultaneously in a scene.  If you are making an NPC character, please let the staff know ahead of time of its purpose and how long it is expected to be part of our roleplay.


7.  PLAYER CREATED GROUPS. At this time, no one may create a group inworld WITH the name “Lisianthus” or with any Lisianthus place names in them (Tavrobel, Tigan’ra, etc.) in it, without prior permission from the sim owner. Groups may be created WITHOUT any of our trademark name inworld, and in the forums without prior permission. Such examples of potential groups could be entertainment guilds, merchant guilds, crafts and artisan guilds, healing guilds, and even religious / military / mercenary guilds. In most cases, creating a group inworld will not be necessary unless we have a large number of people.




All players are entitled to certain rights while roleplaying in Lisianthus. They are as follows:

a.      Players have the right to have an enjoyable roleplaying experience in Lisianthus.

b.      Players have a right to not roleplay with another member for any reason.

c.      Players cannot be forced to roleplay anything that they do not want to participate in. Limits are to be respected at all times.

d.     Players have a right to an opinion and to suggest ideas in a cohesive way in order to assist in helping to make the sim even better.

e.      Players are not bound to any positions (Staff, group leader, etc.) in our sim and may exit their positions at any time for any reason. Players are expected to try to remain active in their positions as much as possible but understand that real-life always comes first.

f.       Players have a right to know in situations where penal action may be required to know what they have done wrong. A certain level of privacy for the sake of the player should be in effect during this time so the situation doesn’t escalate out of control.

g.     Players have a right to not answer any questions from Staff; however they accept the possibility of corrective action ruling not in favor of them if they withhold information.

h.       Players are not to be discriminated on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, sex, gender identity, religion, reprisal, and where applicable, political beliefs, marital status, familial or parental status, sexual orientation, or all or part of an individual's income.


1.  COMMON SENSE. The following behaviors are never permitted:

  1. Griefing: generally being an ass and trying to crash the sim or disturb the roleplay environment.  
  2. Harassment of other players.
  3. Godmoding/godmodding: playing in ‘god mode’ where a player dictates other players’ responses, actions, and results through their roleplay posts.
  4. Powergaming/powerplaying: a form of cheating by always having the highest stats and never losing in battle. If your character is overpowered, you will be asked to tone them down.
  5. Metagaming: using information gleaned solely through OOC means in your roleplay. If you gain information IC, you are free to use it.
  6. Permadeath & mutilation: permanent death or the mutilation of another player’s character should never be forced upon another without consent. Don’t even try the killing/mutilating blow unless you’ve discussed it with the other player beforehand.  

2.  DRAMA. Please be calm, courteous and considerate of disputes in relations to another player and/or players. If you have an issue with a player or players, please contact a Staff Member to discuss your concern. We are here to help to try to find a solution that benefits everyone.

3.  COMMUNICATIONS. The forums provide an opportunity for players to communicate any kinds of concerns, suggestions, and so forth to the sim owner and the staff. Additionally, we can usually be reached by e-mail or direct instant message.

4.  STAFF CONDUCT. Sim staff members are expected to adhere to the highest standards of personal integrity, and lead by example in terms of personal accountability and behavior.



  1. STANDARD: Lisianthus is a meter-less sim, and players will be recommended to utilize freeform combat or the FATE system (dice-based combat).
  2. DAMAGE: Dice-based combat is intended to determine the success or failure of an attack, as well as the amount of damage done. For more information, see the FATE section on our website.
  3. CONSENT. An attempt to start combat, such as a swing of a weapon or punch at another character, is entirely permissible without asking for the other player’s consent and is not a violation of the consent or godmoding rules. A player that does not consent must then retreat and exit the combat scene if he or she does not wish to engage in combat at that time. A dice roll isn’t necessary.

6. HAVE FUN! The most important rule of them all, we want your stay in Lisianthus to be an enjoyable one. So please have as much fun as we have providing the sim to you, the people.