Programs and Classes

HopeWell is a cooperative program which partners with parents and young adults to create and implement goal based  education and life transition plans to meet the developing needs of each student and camper. Parent involvement is an important part of our program. Parents are encouraged to attend special programs, community events with their child, and serve as a parent volunteer in the position of their choice.

HopeWell is a classical education program, where children and young adults are provided opportunities to experience language, both written and spoken, as they develop an interest and love of learning through shared experiences.

Classical education provides the academic excellence, moral and spiritual framework to help each child understand and develop their natural inclinations to pursue the why, how and who of ideas and decisions in addition to the what of knowledge.

Classical Christian education helps children and young adults grow and develop beyond just knowing about God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, but also having experiences with Him in their daily lives that will help them to become fully aware of self, others, the world around them and in their choices as they live, serve and love from the Father's perspective and will.

Our campus is located at 1205 Broadmoor Drive in Bryan, Tx. and is equipped with classrooms, housing accommodations and outdoor gardens and play areas.  

We have open enrollment year round. You may apply for any class or program using our online application. (found on the home page)



Class offerings will vary from year to year as student needs and interests change, and include Emergent, Pre- AP, and Honors level curriculum. Current classes are:

Life Skills • Everyday Math Strategies & Games • Personal Finance • Language Arts: Grammar, Research & Writing • Social Skills •  Interpersonal Relationships & Public Communications • Christian Life/Bible •  History •  Sign Language • Geography • Writing • Art Through the Ages • Informational Technology • Computer Coding & Gaming • Internship & Vocation Planning • Business Development • Culinary Arts • Sewing • Crocheting & Knitting • Community Service Projects • Physical Education • Chess Club • Pet Art & Music Therapy & more…

HopeWell parents and students can choose from our Spring, Summer and Fall Individual Classes, for one to five days a week.

Our Fall & Spring semesters classes are offered Monday through Saturday.

Summer Enrichment classes are offered Monday through Friday.

Individual classes and half day programs are meant to complement curriculums already in place, whereas two to five day programs provide curriculum structure support to meet the educational needs of students on campus and at home.

Students & families have the opportunity to collaborate on student-led projects and social gatherings. The social gatherings are held both on and off campus on days school is not in session and during after school hours.

Students have the opportunity to attend Community Education & Field trips to complement lessons and skills reviewed in class.  

Our classes are taught using our Recurring Looping System, designed by our Educational Specialist, which helps students add new skills and information to what they have previously learned each week throughout the school year. This Classical learning system has been found to be quite effective in assisting long term memory, reducing regression of skills and knowledge, decreasing learning stress, and helping students to grow joy and confidence in learning and retaining information. Testing and understanding is done using many practical applications including quizzes, oral review and knowledge games, team projects, student modelling and presentations, class discussions and more.

Progress reports will be provided each semester to assist parents and young adults in assessing goals, progress and educational planning and class credits.