Welcome to Honey Creek Community

School Summer Camp 2017!



(734) 994-2636 Ext. 2240

We would like to welcome you and your child to what is sure to be a fun-filled ten weeks at Honey Creek Community School Summer Camp.  Our plan is to explore nature, cook, create, conduct science experiments, go on field trips, play games, make arts and crafts, and build friendships.  Parents, we will need some help from you.

In consideration of safety, do not park, stop or stand along the curb or your vehicle will be towed.  This lane is for buses and emergency vehicles only, and parked or standing cars put pedestrians in the blind spots for oncoming traffic.

Please send your child to camp each day wearing rough-and-tumble play clothes.  We want the children to enjoy the full summer camp experience and be able to get down and dirty.  Send your children wearing sneakers or shoes suitable for hiking and running, climbing and kicking (Crocs and Flip Flops are not allowed).  We want the campers to be able to participate and be comfortable.  

Please keep all expensive or valuable toys and games at home.  It would be unfortunate if those items were to break or get lost at camp.  We will have many activities planned and games for the campers to play. If campers insist on bringing PSP or other electronic toys, they will only be allowed to play with them during “ME Time” from 1:15-2:15pm.

There will be NO microwave or refrigerator available.  On days when we will be going on field trips, you will need to pack a lunch and send your child with a backpack and dressed in the Honey Creek Summer Camp t-shirt (replacement shirts will cost $10.00).

Hot lunches cost $3.50 per meal.  Juice or milk may be purchased for $.50 each.  Hot lunch will not be provided on Fridays and on some other days.  You must send your child with a sack lunch on these days.

Honey Creek Community School Summer Camp

Parent Handbook

Welcome to Honey Creek Community School Summer Camp!  As the parent of an enrolled child, you are an important part of this organization.  Your concerns, ideas and interests are essential to meeting our primary goal – excellent childcare.  Please share your thoughts, whether it be at an organizational meeting or by contacting any camp counselor, supervisor, or School Board Trustee.


Honey Creek Community School began as Child Care Connection, which was founded by parents who began meeting at lunchtime in early 1988.  This group was interested in establishing quality childcare for infants through school-age children, which would service its own children.  Providing a stable child care environment was a primary goal for these working parents. Achieving this goal would eliminate the stress and strain involved in repeatedly searching for the best possible place for the child care years.  

        Honey Creek Community School was founded in May 1995 as an outgrowth of the CCC family, which held a philosophy of growing with our children.  In September 1995, Honey Creek Community School, a K-3 elementary school chartered by the Washtenaw Intermediate School District, brought the success of Child Care Connection into the Honey Creek After Care program, an after school program designed to meet the needs of children in the K-3 age group.  Now Honey Creek Community School includes kindergarten through middle school, and the After Care program has grown to match these ages.

        In June 1996, Child Care Connection began its summer camp for school-age children.  This educational/recreational program is available to school-age children on a full- or part-time basis.  Through these combined programs, we are able to provide quality childcare and innovative educational programming, which will be philosophically integrated throughout our children’s young lives.

        Located at the Honey Creek Community School site, the camp is focused on children pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.  The summer camp runs from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  The camp has many multi-aged activities; however, the children will also have programming that is specific to their age and abilities.  

        Each week of Honey Creek Community School Summer Camp has a different theme.  There will be a variety of activities in which the children will be able to participate:  from swimming to soccer, maintaining a garden to various exciting field trips.  Many crafts and projects will be introduced with nature in mind.  The goal is for the children to develop new friends with peers, counselors, and parents, and to also understand, appreciate, and help preserve our natural environment.



        The philosophy of Honey Creek Community School Summer Camp is based on the belief that children learn through their play and should be allowed to explore their environment in a way that is meaningful to them.  They learn best in a rich, challenging atmosphere that balances teacher-directed and child-initiated experiences.  Their environment will be a warm and loving one that allows for the exercise of creativity and imagination.

        At all times, a variety of ages and abilities are represented at the Summer Camp.  As a result, we emphasize the “family” environment at Honey Creek Community School Summer Camp.  This is achieved through a balance of multi-age and like-age group times.

Building and Facilities

        Honey Creek is located in the High Point Building on the Washtenaw Intermediate School District (WISD) campus.  We share a gym, 40 acres with playground and nature trails, pool, greenhouse, district resource library, and cafeteria.  Other programs and schools located in the building are High Point School, Huron Valley Beauty Academy and Gretchen’s House IV childcare center and preschool.  Sharing the building with others allows our students to interact with students from different backgrounds and age groups.  They learn an appreciation for those different from themselves and develop sensitivity to obstacles others may have in their lives, such as physical or mental handicaps.


        The camp counselors at Honey Creek Community School Summer Camp have all worked together to develop goals and objectives that work toward offering the best program possible for the children, parents, and camp counselors.  Program development is a constant, ongoing process and we welcome your input.

        Camp counselors at Honey Creek work as a team to offer a warm, supportive environment for all the children at camp.  As a group, the counselors coordinate daily programming to ensure that age-appropriate activities are offered for each child.

        Daily outdoor time is included frequently, weather permitting.  This enables children to experience activities in an outdoor setting, develop gross-motor skills and learn about the environment.  Through spontaneous and planned activities, children have the opportunity to release physical energy in positive and creative ways, as well as to learn about their physical capabilities.  Careful attention is paid to bodily comfort and safety.

Field Trips

Field trips are another important aspect of Honey Creek Community School Summer Camp.  We believe field trips promote the growth and development of community awareness by exposing children to events they may not otherwise experience.  Also, field trips foster independence by allowing children responsibility for themselves in preparing for, and traveling to, destinations.

Parental Tips: Outdoor Time and Field Trips

We spend about 65% of the camp day OUTSIDE. Children should dress for the weather. We are aware that a mean heat index above 85 degrees is considered dangerous and we do alter our plans and exercise caution with the heat when necessary.

We will be going on frequent hikes.  We ask that your child have a pair of comfortable tennis shoes and a pair of socks.  This will help protect their feet on our hikes.  On wet days, please send your child with additional socks.

On Fridays and on field trip days, children need to bring a non-perishable, throwaway lunch.  Please include a drink box or water bottle (preferably a fruit juice; no pop or glass containers).  On rainy days, children should bring a raincoat.  

Be on time for field trips.  The time when the group leaves for a field trip will be posted prior to the trip.  Ensure that your child is at camp before the posted time.  If your child is not ready when the group is ready, s/he will not be able to go on the trip, nor will s/he be able to stay at the Honey Creek Community School Summer Camp site until his/her group returns.  

There will be no drop-offs or pick-ups at the field trip sites. 

If your child misses the bus when it departs from Honey Creek, Honey Creek counselors will not accept the child into attendance at the field trip location, nor will there be a counselor at the Honey Creek Community School Summer Camp site to wait with the child.  The child may not wait at the site, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian, until the counselors and campers return to Honey Creek.  

Camp Operations

Hours of Operation

The camp is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. through 6:00 p.m.  The camp is closed         July 3rd & 4th.  Camp begins Wednesday, June 21st and ends Friday, August 25th.

        Parking and Traffic Flow

A parking lot is across from the Honey Creek Community School Summer Camp site.  Please park there during drop-off and pick-up times.  Buses and emergency vehicles need to park along the curb, so cars cannot be parked there.

        Entering the Building

Due to Honey Creek building policy, any non-staff members entering the building must do so at the main building doors near the front office.  These doors are locked during certain periods of the day, between 9:00am and 2:15pm.  If you are planning to drop off or pick up your child during this time, please let us know ahead of time and we will let you in.  All other doors require a key and will be locked.

        Sign-in and Check-out

Because we want to know where your child is at all times, and because certain points of the day are more hectic than others, we strongly urge you to only drop off or pick up your child during the following recommended times.  A child who arrives in the middle of an activity not only misses the activity himself or herself, but also interrupts the activity for the counselors and other campers.  We want your child to fully participate in everything we do at camp. Furthermore, we desire to be able to make contact with you when you arrive and personally accept your child or deliver your child to you.  Please respect your child, the counselors, and other campers by holding to these times.

Recommended Drop-off and Pick-up Times

8:00  – 9:00 a.m.  (sign in, quiet activities and prep. for flagpole)

2:15  – 2:30 p.m.  (in the gym, before swimming)

3:45 – 6:00 p.m.  (following swim time)

When you pick up your child at the end of the day, it is helpful to follow these guidelines:

  1. You must sign out your child on the attendance sheet.
  2. Check your child’s locker for wet clothing, wet bathing suits and towels.  Please take them home for cleaning or drying.  The size of the lockers makes it difficult for clothing to dry and air out properly.
  3. Take home lunch boxes on a daily basis.
  4. See your child’s camp counselor for a quick summary of the day.
  5. Check the bulletin boards for new information, activities, and other important information.

Non-parental Pick-ups

If someone other than you will be picking up your child or dropping him/her off, please call ahead to advise us of this change.  The counselors will not release a child to someone other than the parent unless we have prior verbal and/or written permission (on emergency card), even if the person is well known to the child.


On days when your child will be absent from a scheduled day at camp, please call to inform the counselors, and to let us know when you expect the child will return.  The number for Honey Creek Community School Summer Camp is 734-994-2636 x2240.

Inclement Weather

Information on closings will be broadcast on WAAM-AM (1600), WUOM-FM (97.1), and WJR-AM (760).  The camp will also change the school's main message and will send an email.  The camp also reserves the right to close if it determines conditions to be hazardous. We practice fire and severe weather drills with campers. In case of thunderstorms that include lightning we will still be swimming: our pool is grounded.

Practical Tips: Food and Clothing

  2. Bring an extra change of clothes appropriate to the weather.
  3. Make sure your child has a bathing suit and towel daily. Hair longer than shoulder length must be tied back. If this applies to your camper, please send a hair tie.
  4. Please pack a morning snack for your child.  We will provide a snack after swimming in the afternoon.  Some children may need a snack prior to swimming, you are responsible for providing that snack.
  5. Morning and afternoon snacks are not intended to replace breakfast or lunch.

Parent Involvement

Visiting the Camp

Parents are welcome at the camp at any time and are encouraged to visit.  Advance notice is helpful with regards to entering the building.  Parents are encouraged to participate in their child’s activities.  See your child’s camp counselor to arrange times for you to help with or present a project.

Any information that parents can give the counselors regarding changes in their child’s normal routine is appreciated.  These changes often affect a child’s behavior, and if the counselors are cued in to these changes, greater sensitivity can be shown for the child’s individual needs.  

Financial Policies



An enrollment fee of $45.00 is required for all campers.  This fee is non-refundable and includes the cost of a Honey Creek Summer Camp t-shirt.

Enrollment Agreement

        Upon acceptance by Honey Creek Community School Summer Camp, this enrollment request becomes a contract between Honey Creek Community School Summer Camp and the parent/guardian under which Honey Creek agrees to make childcare services available for the  child(ren) on the days and times specified within.  Parent/guardian agrees to pay the above rates and membership fee to Honey Creek Community School Summer Camp whether or not the  child(ren) actually attends on any or all of the days and times specified.  (Please see the policy concerning schedule and absences which appears on the Enrollment Form Policy.)

        Late Payments

                There is a $30.00 late payment fee.

        Returned Checks

                There is a $30.00 fee for checks returned for any reason.

        Absences and Days Not Charged

        You will be expected to pay for all the days your child is enrolled, even if your child is absent due to illness, extra vacation days, or any other reason.

        Late Pick-ups

        There is a $15.00 fee for children picked up after the scheduled ending time (6:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted), plus an additional $15.00 for every quarter fraction of an hour thereafter.

Health, Safety, and Wellness

Health Forms

The following forms need to be on file for each child before the child’s first day of care:

  1. Child information cards (2)
  2. Immunization form- A list of up-to-date immunizations must be on file before a child may stay at camp.
  3. A signed parent statement that the child is in good health.  Any activity restrictions must be noted.
  4. Permission slip.
  5. Camper Conduct Contract


Prescription medication will only be administered to children if the counselors have both a request from the doctor and permission from the parent/guardian.  The doctor’s request can either be in the form of a note from the doctor or the current label on the prescription medicine package.  Medicines must be in their original containers and labeled with the child’s name.  Honey Creek Summer Camp counselors will not administer the first dose of medication.

Non-prescription medicine is not given to campers.  Please give this medication to your child at home.  This also includes bug spray.  If you want your child to wear Skintastic, or one of the many other bug sprays, please apply them in the morning.  We cannot put this on the children.

Sick Child

Please do not send a sick child to camp, or if you have a strong suspicion that the child will be unwell.  Furthermore, the child may only return to camp 24 hours AFTER a non-medicated fever, diarrhea, and/or vomiting has subsided.  Not only is it better for the child’s emotional and physical well-being to remain at home, but a contagious child can affect the health of every other person at camp.

        Camp Wellness

The camp counselors do everything possible to ensure good hygienic practices for both adults and children, as well as provide a safe physical environment.  We follow these guidelines to ensure high health standards.

  1. Daily disinfecting of surfaces and eating utensils, including snack table prior to eating.
  2. Hand washing before and after meals and after toileting.

In addition to cleanliness, all counselors are certified in CPR and American Red Cross First Aid.  In the event of an accident, counselors will administer the necessary assistance.  All accidents/injuries are documented on an Accident Report and kept on file permanently.  

Emergency Procedures

        Emergency or injury to a child:

In the case of injury to a child, the counselors will contact the child’s parents/guardian.  If the parents/guardian cannot be reached, then the child’s physician will be contacted.  In the event that neither of these contacts is possible or in the case of a serious emergency, the child will be taken to the University of Michigan Hospital if no preference is indicated on the emergency care form.

Discipline & Behavior Management

When discipline problems arise, our counselors adhere to guidelines established by the State of Michigan Department of Social Services.  Teachers are prohibited from using the following means of punishment:

The counselors use positive methods of discipline to encourage self-control, self-direction, self-esteem, and cooperation.  When a child’s behavior requires teacher intervention, this will be done in a creative, instructional manner.  Children will be encouraged to develop successful alternative behavior patterns.  

The various methods that the teachers will use to redirect the children may include verbal warnings, restructuring of activities, visiting another group, “cool-down” periods, and parental notification.

If a child has a chronic behavior problem, the counselors will work for a time with both the child and the parents/guardians.  However, the right is reserved to dis-enroll any child whose behavior cannot be appropriately controlled by the camp counselors.  

The following “Violent Behavior Policy” will apply to such situations.

Honey Creek has a zero tolerance policy for violent behavior. We consider our number one priority at camp to be creating and maintaining an emotionally and physically safe environment. Expectations for campers are outlined in the Camper Conduct form.  Of these expectations, infractions we take most seriously are those that harm the physical well-being of other campers (i.e. hitting, kicking, biting, etc).  We respond to these incidents with the following steps:

1.          For the first infraction, counselors will remove the camper from activity to ensure safety of his or her peers while problem solving the inappropriate behavior.  Parents will be notified of the incident and that it was considered “Strike One”.

2.          On a second infraction, the camper will be sent home for the remainder of that day, and will not return until a meeting with parents and camp staff has taken place.  This will be considered “Strike Two”.

3.          If a third infraction should occur, the camper will be sent home.  This will be considered “Strike Three” and parents will be notified that this camper is no longer welcome to attend Honey Creek Summer Camp for the remainder of the 2017 camp season.

Upon the discretion of camp staff, if a camper’s actions are deemed to be extreme in nature, a camper may be sent home for the remainder of the day and/or summer, even if it is a first offense.  

Due to a violation of camper conduct code, if a child is asked to leave the program, no refund will be provided.

Expectations and Consequences

Below are the behavior expectations and consequences that we will implement camp-wide.  We strive to make a community culture that is supportive and encouraging.  When a child misbehaves, consequences will be natural, logical, and as immediate as practical.

        Expectations for Camp Behavior                        Consequences

  1. Respect people and property                        1.  Counselor intervention and redirection
  2. Work and play safely                                2.  Relocate child
  3. Do your best                                        3.  Contact parent

                                                        4.  “Give-back time”

The 3 “D’s”                                        Debugging

 Get a counselor right away if something is…        If someone is bugging you…

 Dangerous, Destructive, or Disturbing                1.  Ignore the person

2.  Move away

3.  Use nice words

4.  Use firm words

5.  Use problem solving or

get an adult to help you

Weapon-Free School Zone

The Michigan Legislature requires the expulsion of students who possess a dangerous weapon, commits arson, or rape in a school building or on school grounds.  Honey Creek also does not allow toy weapons or violent play.  Please instruct your student about the danger of weapons, why they are not allowed on school grounds, and the consequences of possessing them at camp.


Conflicts are a natural part of our lives and of growing up.  If a conflict arises between students, they are to attempt to resolve it in a constructive manner without physical contact.  If they cannot resolve the conflict themselves, students should ask for help from a teacher or another adult.  At Honey Creek, we teach the children that everyone has worth and value, and that everyone deserves respect.  When conflicts arise, they can be used to help the students understand how to disagree with each other without attacking the other person, and how to reach an agreement or a compromise by using fair methods, listening to the other’s perspective, clearly stating how they feel, and taking responsibility for their behavior.  Adult members of the Honey Creek Community are expected to model conflict resolution.

Daily Schedule

Each day is structured around the following schedule.  Specific weekly schedules, including field trip departure times, will be posted every Monday morning.  (Field trips usually only take place Tuesday-Friday.)   Preferred Drop-off and Pick-up times are printed in bold.                        

8:00 – 8:30am          

Sign In & Quiet Activities

8:40 - 9:30am

Flag Pole & Group Game

9:30 - 11:15am

Activity 1

11:15 - 11:30am

Clean Up/Transition

11:30 – 12:30pm

Lunch & Recess

12:30 – 1:15pm

Activity 2

1:15 – 2:15pm


“Me” Time

Transition Time

2:30 - 3:30pm


3:35 - 4:00pm

Change & Gym Time

4:15 – 4:40

Snack/Clean Up/Transition

4:45 – 5:45pm

Wild Rumpus

5:45 – 6:00pm

Clean Up & Pick Up

Field Trip Schedule For Honey Creek Summer Camp 2017

        Fees for field trips are included in camp tuition.  On field trip days, children need to bring a non-perishable, throwaway lunch.  Please include a drink box or water bottle (preferably a fruit juice; no pop or glass containers).

Week               Date                     Location                                                Departure/Return          

1         Thu. June 22         The Parade Company        10:30am/2:30pm

2        Tue. June 27        Scrap Box        12:45am/2:45pm

3        Wed. July 5        Jedi Academy (On Site)        9:30am/11:30am

3        Thurs. July 6        Emagine Saline- Despicable Me 3        12:30am/3:15pm

4                Fri. July 14                Saline Celtic Festival        10:30am/2:30pm

4                Fri. July 14                Ring of Steel: Fire, fencing, stunts        

                                and sword fighting

5                Wed. July 19                Yankee Air Museum        11:00am/3:00pm        

6                July 24-28                Maker Mania        10:15am/12:15pm

7                Thurs. Aug 3                Belle Isle Aquarium and Beach        10:00am/3:00pm

8                Thurs. Aug 10                Harry Potter Field Trip        10:30am/3:30pm

9                Wed. Aug 16                Skatin Station         9:45am/1:45pm        

10                Tues. Aug 22                Jenny’s Farm Stand         11:00am/2:30pm


We are also planning on having some other fun onsite presentations throughout the summer.  

We will keep you updated as soon as those details are finalized.

***Field trips and/or locations may be changed at HCCS Summer Camp’s discretion.

Honey Creek Community School Summer Camp Staff

Sue Hofbauer, School Age Supervisor

This is my 17th year directing the Honey Creek After School and Summer Camp Programs!       I earned my bachelor's degree in communication studies from Northwestern University on an Evans Scholarship, and a master's degree in elementary education from Roosevelt University in Chicago.  I am also Honey Creek's Instructional Consultation Team Facilitator and am a certified lifeguard.  I enjoy sports, art, music, the outdoors, and especially Honey Creek Summer Camp because it is a great place to play, create, imagine and laugh A LOT!

Amber Byers, Head Counselor

Hello! I return for my 8th year as Head Counselor and 10th year at Honey Creek's Summer Camp.  I will be working to ensure that every camper and counselor has a wonderful experience this summer.  I spent the year at Honey Creek wearing many hats. I am the school social worker,  lunch and recess monitor as well as many other things!  I am a lifeguard and love sports, as well as other outdoor activities. Having worked at summer camps for over a decade, as well as being a parent, I am wicked excited to sing camp songs and be creative in arts and crafts!  My knowledge of silly songs and games will keep campers blissfully busy all summer!

Ashley Bartley, Summer Camp Supervisor

Hello, campers and families! I will be the person e-mailing you this summer when you have a question about camp or a date to change. This is my 6th year at Honey Creek Summer Camp, and I am so excited to be back. I am a high school teacher in Grand Rapids, MI. I recently moved back from South Carolina. I graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 2012 and am currently attending Aquinas College to get a second master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. I LOVE SUMMER CAMP and can’t wait to have a great summer.


MS in A10:

Zach Storey, Camp Counselor

Hey there! I am born and raised Ann Arbor Wolverine. In my spare time, you can usually find me in a park or by a body of water. I compete in competitive Ballroom Dance. Good topics of conversation are fresh out of the dryer clothing, anything coffee flavored, and your favorite food!

4/5 in A9:

Willa Johnson, Camp Counselor

I’m a recent graduate of Lawrence University with a B.A. in Visual Art and French, looking forward to my life as a real grown up! I’m also a not so recent graduate of Honey Creek, so I know all its secrets (oooh!). In my spare time, I love to read and draw, and I especially love comics. My favorites are Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, Understanding Comics, Calvin and Hobbes, and many more! I am a huge fan of inclusion, curiosity, old houses, and dancing for fun, and I love spending time outside enjoying the beautiful Michigan summers. I can’t wait to reconnect with old friends and make new ones this summer.

Kylee Pepples, Camp Counselor

Hello! I am Kylee Pepples! I grew up in a small town here in Michigan. I currently go to Eastern Michigan University in hopes of becoming an Elementary Teacher. I love animals and playing in the water. One day I hope to travel to many places including Italy. I am looking forward to having fun with everyone this summer.

2/3 in A2:

Kaleigh Storey, Camp Counselor

Hi, my name is Kaleigh Storey. I am a sophomore at Western Michigan University. I am a Public Health Education Major. This is my second summer working at Honey Creek Summer Camp and I am super excited to meet you all! I am hoping to make this summer just a bit more messy, crazy, and fun!

Kim Gallagher, Camp Counselor

Hello friends! I am excited to join the Honey Creek Community School Summer Camp counselor team this year after serving as an administrative intern this past spring for A1 Waters! I am an Art Educator that just finished the Educational Leadership and Policy graduate program at the University of Michigan. I love all things nature, travel, art, animals, and action. I am a dedicated runner and my dog Jimbo is my trusty sidekick that accompanies me almost everywhere. I am looking forward to growing with you all and creating tons of fun-filled memories this summer!

K/1 in A1:

Jasmine Beemon, Camp Counselor

Hello my name is Jasmine and I am currently going to Eastern Michigan University for Special Education. I have been working at Honey Creek in the after school program for the past 3 years and at the summer camp for the past 2 years. I am very excited to be coming back this year and hope to get to know you all.

Kassidy Lutz, Camp Counselor

Hello Honey Creek! I have just finished my junior year at Eastern Michigan University where I am studying Elementary Education with minors in Reading and Language Arts. I am from Toledo, Ohio but please don’t hold it against me! I have been working with kids for years now and I cannot wait to get into a classroom of my own. I absolutely love to read but you may catch me playing ukulele every now and then. Summer is my favorite season and I am so excited to spend it with you!

Support Staff:

Jillian Beemon

Marta England

Valerie Cullip

Additional Staff

Frank Havasi

Amani Bass

Johnny Thompson

Hot Lunch Procedures

As some of you are aware, we offer a hot lunch program through Dexter Community Schools and administered by High Point School for a nominal fee.  For your convenience and to eliminate the need for campers to carry cash, we have implemented a debit account system.  A deposit is made into your child’s account and the price of the meal is deducted at the time of purchase.  Meal prices are below.  You may send a deposit at any time.  However, for optimum efficiency, we request that you consider sending deposits on a weekly or monthly basis, as High Point does not reimburse excess funds in a timely fashion.  For security reasons and record-keeping, we request that you make deposits via check made payable to High Point School.  Send your deposits in an envelope marked with your child’s name.  Balances should be emailed to you each week.

Please note that it is not necessary to indicate what days your child will purchase a lunch.  Maintaining a balance will ensure that your child will be able to make purchases as he or she desires.  If you would like to participate in the lunch program, please detach and complete the form below and return it to Karen Giltrow along with a check for at least $20.00 made payable to High Point School.  Please provide your child with a sack lunch on field trip days.  Hot Lunches are only available Monday through Thursday from Wednesday, June 29th-Thursday, August 11th.  There will be no hot lunch on Fridays.  Your child must bring a sack lunch on these days. Campers are required to bring a sack lunch on off-site field trip days.

Meal Prices (subject to change depending on pricing from DFS)

Student Value Meal (includes drink and dessert)        $3.50

Adult Meal                                                $4.50

Milk or Juice                                                $  .50

*A meal consists of a protein item, a bread item, a serving each of fruit and vegetable, and a dairy item.

_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

Yes!  My child(ren) ___________________________________ will participate in the summer camp hot lunch program.  I am making a deposit of $ __________, by way of a check made payable to High Point School, to open an account.  I have listed below any food allergies my children may have.


Parent/Guardian Signature

Food Allergies