Comic Book Podcast, Episode #40

You Say You Want A Revolution

Our first attempt using Google Hangouts Live so ... (if you hear references to us showing a cover or something, we are getting used to combining the two, but no, you cannot see the video of this one. the next one, yes, but not this one.)

Revolutionary War by Marvel Comics

Cuban got a majority of his familiarity with the characters by reading Excalibur, a UK based mutant team that came out of the Mutant Massacre storyline.

Death's Head made a number of appearances in the Marvel UK version of the Transformers.

Cover art by Mark Brooks was great but the interior art did not hold up quite as well.

Techno Mystical storyline. Mys-tec ... get it? Mystic!

The story started off a bit slow, but has really picked up speed and improves with each issue.

Who is the Dark Angel?

There are unfamiliar heroes to even veteran comic fans. Thank God for Avengers Alliance!!!

British slang could be an impediment for some readers, but not necessarily ... USE GOOGLE!

American Comic Book Characters vs British Comic Book Characters

It might be nice to get a Marvel UK anthology book.

TOTAL TANGENT ALERT: GI Joe reprinted in The United Kingdom was called Action Force.

Cuban and X both like where the series is going. If you can get them all great, if not get the Alpha and Omega issues and pick up a few in between.

Errata - X said the Revolutionary War was $2.99. They are actually $3.99.

Alt3red Egos Theme – “Understood By Your Dad” by Brad Sucks.