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Departments can create course evaluations that are easily accessible to students from within their Moodle ISU courses. This is accomplished using a tool called Feedback. The Feedback tool also gives the department evaluation coordinator full control over creating, distributing, and collecting results for his/her respective department. The Feedback tool calculates the results as students submit the evaluations and provides a user-friendly interface.

Note: This is not your only evaluation option. You may also continue conducting your class evaluations using the Scantron sheets. For more information about this option, contact the Helpdesk at 282-HELP or send an email to 

This guide will help you to understand:

Course Evaluation Using Moodle Online Resources

See Course Evaluations Using Moodle for online resources and instructional handouts.

Who Distributes the Evaluations?

The Course Evaluation Coordinator Request needs to be submitted by the department chair (or his/her designee) with the contact information of the individual(s) selected to be the evaluation coordinator(s).

This form needs to be resubmitted if the coordinator information changes.

Once the request is processed, the coordinator(s) will be able to administer the course evaluations in Moodle ISU.

What are the Responsibilities of the Evaluation Coordinator?

  1. Request a new (empty) course evaluation each semester by submitting the Course Evaluation Request Form

**Note: A new (empty) course evaluation will need to be requested each semester.**

  1. Create the questions for the evaluation and apply settings for the instructions and open/close times.
  2. Map the appropriate courses to the evaluation shell.
  3. Contact the professors to make sure they make their course(s) available for students to take the evaluations and add the feedback block to their course (if it is not already visible).  
  1. For more information, see Course Availability
  1. Contact Mark Cooper at to make the course evals visible to the students.
  2. Once the evaluations have been completed and closed, Download and save the results within forty five (45) days after the end of the semester
  1. Save reports in PDF and/or Word.
  2. Download raw data in Excel.
  1. Prepare for the next semester.
  2. You will have 45 days (from the end of the semester) to gather all information needed from the evaluation before it is erased from Moodle ISU. A checklist is attached to help you make sure you have everything.

What are the Responsibilities of the ITRC?

  1. Once we receive the Evaluation Coordinator request form from the department chair, we will add the chosen evaluation coordinator into a Moodle ISU role that will give him/her access to the specified course evaluation(s). This means he/she will be able to request evaluations, customize evaluation settings, map courses to those evaluations, control when they are opened/closed and edit questions.
  2. Once we receive the Course Evaluation request form each semester from the course evaluation coordinator, we will create an empty course evaluation and give access to the evaluation coordinator.

Note: There is a maximum of three (3) empty course evaluations per department. Each department is encouraged to use one evaluation (one set of questions) for all classes and only create additional evaluations if different questions are being used (e.g. for labs or clinicals).

  1. Contact Mark Cooper at to make the course evals visible to the students.
  2. ITRC will provide training and support for the evaluation coordinator so they can efficiently manage course evaluations. If evaluation coordinators have any issues or concerns, they can contact the ITRC - (208) 282-5880 or email
  3. Forty-five (45) days after the end of the semester, we will remove prior course evaluations to make room for upcoming ones.


To set up a new course evaluation each semester:

  1. Request an empty course evaluation from ITRC. The form is located on ITRC’s site at
  2. Import an .xml question file (backed up from last semester’s evaluation if you previously conducted evaluations with Moodle ISU)
  1. OR Click on the Edit questions tab to add new questions.
  1. Set availability dates, add instructions, thank you message and check other settings (e.g. anonymous, multiple submit, etc.).
  2. Map course sections. See Mapping Courses.

Note: Remember to always keep the evaluation mapped to ITRC test course (especially during setup); otherwise, your course evaluation will be available for all students to take in Moodle ISU.

  1. When the evaluation ends, Download the results in Word, PDF or Excel (within 45 days).

Note: Remember to get results from INDIVIDUAL classes and all classes.

  1. Export evaluation questions into an .xml file as a backup for the following semester (within 45 days).

Note:  Evaluations will be deleted 45 days after the end of the semester. There are no exceptions.

For more information, contact the ITRC - (208) 282-5880 or email 

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