Action Center Development

This paper outlines how a caring community can be developed by establishing an Action Center.  We recognize that each center will develop as a unique entity so we have outlined basic things to be considered. Community Link can help with the basic structure but the center is the community’s tool to develop to meet their needs.

  1. Identify the specific community the Action Center will serve.
  2. Build a team - Identify the networked organizations and people in the community. Consider:
  1. City agencies
  2. Church organization
  3. Fraternal organization - Lions, kiwanis, Rotary, etc.
  4. School organizations
  5. Existing volunteer organizations
  6. Corporate Volunteer Council, if one exists
  7. Nonprofit organizations or groups
  8. Workforce Solutions (TANF, Career Link)
  9. Courts
  10. HUD
  1. Plan a focus group or two with the following objectives;
  1. Identify the needs in the community that volunteers and the center can address.
  2. Is there support in the community for a center
  3. Is there interest in forming an advisory group - get commitment among focus group participants
  4. Do not get overextended - limit the initial efforts to 3-5 specific areas.
  5. Identify a way to measure volunteerism - How would they measure success?
  6. Figure out how to resource the center
  1. Facilities
  2. Funding
  3. Staffing
  4. Equipment
  1. Establish an advisory group
  1. Develop a charter - start with a straw man document
  2. Establish leadership
  3. Develop a plan - (Logic model?) - how do you get total community buy in?
  4. Implement a volunteerism measurement effort (w/UNM)
  5. How can smaller networks around specific areas be developed & integrated into a total community plan?
  1. Establish the center
  1. Get a location
  2. Develop funding
  3. Hire Director & Resource Coordinator locally
  4. Coordinate participant hosting - personnel start
  5. Set up center
  1. After a certain time remeasure volunteerism.
  2. Publish results.