CITY Inclement Weather Policy and Procedure

·         Upon the sound of thunder or the sight of lightning by lifeguards the pool will be immediately evacuated; if it is raining to the extent that the bottom of the pool is obscured patrons will be removed from the pool.

·         Sound the whistles (one long blast) to clear the pool

·         Turn off all play features during inclement weather conditions

·         The pool will remain closed for no less than 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder or sight of lightning

·         At the sight of lightning or severe weather all patrons will be moved to a secure shelter until it is safe to return to the pool deck as determined by the Manager on Duty [Safe shelter includes; bath house and recreation centers located at all City pools]

·         The Manager on Duty will keep track of the elapsed time and will provide information to patrons when it is safe to return to the pool deck or pool

·         Patrons should not take showers for the duration of the inclement weather