Exploring the relationship between man and nature has always been a very important element for my creating. Memories is the topic I constantly return to in my artwork. One of my goals is to help my environment to reduce their self-censorship. Artists, who aren’t afraid of showing their inner selves, are the ones getting my attention.

My field of art includes photography, painting, design and poetry. By frequently mixing different types of art materials, I allow myself to express different ideas. I have an aptitude for design and I am a multi-artist when it comes to the visual. Different types of packaging are important; the feeling of the material should always correspond to each project.


I was born in 1994 in Espoo, Finland, and currently studying for Bachelor of Culture and Arts in Pietarsaari. I am active across Finland for both work and collaboration inquiries.


Rebecca Söderström, 3rd April 2017



Medianom 2013 – 2017

Media Culture, Photography programme

Novia University of Applied Sciences, Pietarsaari

Media assistant 2010 – 2013

Audiovisual Communication

Prakticum Vocational College, Helsinki

Solo exhibitions

2016 “Someone’s Past” – Café Fredrika, Pietarsaari
2016 “Stillhet” – Café Fredrika, Pietarsaari

Group exhibitions

2017 “På väg” – Vasa Konsthall, Vaasa

2016 “Öde/Väsen” – Galleri Bruno, Pännäinen

2016 “Variations” – Campus Allegro, Pietarsaari

2015 “Fenestra” – Pohjoinen valokuvakeskus, Oulu

2015 “Minoriteter i minoriteten” – Galleri GRO, Pietarsaari

2014 “Artopus Festival” – Gamla brandkårshuset, Pietarsaari

2014 “One day this will be funny” – Café Fredrika, Pietarsaari

2014 “Year One” – Pietarsaari

2013 “Silently Waiting” – Galleri VIKO, Helsinki

Upcoming group exhibition

2017 “Suomi Laidasta Laitaan” – Tobaksmagasinet, Pietarsaari

Work experience

2017 – ongoing, Professional Cleaning Service PCS, Cleaner

2016 – ongoing, Craft Art Designs, Co-Owner
2016, Forsberg, Layout Artist
2016, Pedersöre Kommun, Photographer

2016, Finlands Kommunförbund, Photographer

2015, Finlandsinstitutet Stockholm, Photographer

2014 – 2017, Jakobstads Konsertsal AB, Cloakroom Personnel

2014, Österbottens Tidning, Photographer

2014, Artopus Festival, Photographer

2013, Östra Nyland, Photographer

2012 – 2013, Huvudstadsbladet, Photographer

2012, Artists’ Studio, Maintenance of homepage

2012, Artists’ Studio, Development of homepage

2011, Mattlidens gymnasium, Photographer

2009, Huvudstadsbladet, Photographer

2009, Mattbergets Daycare Center, Kindergarten teacher


2016 – Pedersöre Kommun

2016 – Svenska Studiefonden

2014 – Svenska Kulturfonden

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