Final Report of Minor Research Report


Assessment of Micronutrient Profile of Jaggery Containing Processed Products Consumed by Inhabitants of Selected Areas in Maharashtra”

Principal investigator

Mrs. Sulakshana Mohan Mane

Assistant Professor,

Department Of Food and Nutrition

S.V.T College of Home Science (Autonomous),

S.N.D.T Women’s University,

Sir Vithaldas Vidyavihar,

Juhu Road, Santacruz West,

Mumbai 400049.Maharashtra


Submitted to

University Grants Commission, New Delhi





To assess micronutrient profile of Jaggery containing processed products consumed by inhabitants of selected areas in Maharashtra


Jaggery is a traditional sweetener prepared from sugarcane. Jaggery as a sweetener has useful nutritive components and is said to have various health benefits. Rapid urbanization and industrial progress resulted into increased demand and production of refined sugar. Despite having better nutrient composition that refined sugar, use of jaggery appears to have decreased.

The present investigation studied consumption patterns of jaggery and jaggery products in 3 cities in Western state of Maharashtra, India. It was found that majority of the people use sugar on a daily basis as compared to jaggery which they mostly use during festivals or special occasions. Color was the major criteria followed by shape and texture while choosing jaggery. Families used jaggery in various products, puranpoli being the most popular. 80% families purchase of jaggery for around 50 Rs per month. As we also analysed the fe and zn content of jaggery from all cities, where it was found that jaggery from Kolhapur had higher amount of fe and zn as compare to other two cities.

Majority of the families were Hindu. Approximately one-third families were joint families 80.5% families were non-vegetarian, Only 17.3% families consumed jaggery on a daily basis. 51.3%purchased jaggery occasionally or rarely, 39.3% consumed jaggery once/ month. 95.3% families reported that they considered colour as an important characteristic. When examined according to city of residence, a significant association was observed with city of residence for the percentage of families using jaggery in preparation of vegetables, dal, kheer, modak, chikki, groundnut ladoo, kurmura ladoo, methi ladoo, til ladoo, puranpoli, sweet poha, sweet rice, gud poli, gud puri, aamras, sheera, gud papdi, malpua, kayri panna, dink ladoo, gud amba, chunda, sweet bhaji and other foods. Maximum (82.7%) families used jaggery in preparation of puranpoli

In this survey it was found that majority of the people use sugar on a daily basis as compared to jaggery which they mostly use during festivals or special occasions. However many of them prefer jaggery over sugar .the reasons for that were- some of them found it to be more sweeter than sugar, whereas for some it imparts a very nice taste to the recipe. But when asked about using jaggery daily, they said that it does not become practical and convenient to use it daily as most of them add sugar in tea, desserts etc. also many of them consider colour as a major criteria for the selection of jaggery followed by shape and texture. People also thought that jaggery is adulterated so they consider sugar as a safer option than jaggery.